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The picture below may help explain why I took this course. It's a text conversation between my roommate Jess Horn, and myself, Jess Solley, before I scheduled this class. 40% of my grade is blogging?! That sounds awesome!


I am already familiar with blogging because I keep my own blog on a website called, "Tumblr". You can find it here:

I am not planning to be a science major because I had a terrible experience in high school with an advanced physics course. It was pretty discouraging and made a science major unappealing to me. However, I am very interested in nutrition and would consider minoring in it. 


I had a tough time with high school science/math courses as well.
I also use tumblr. You can find me at

The screen shot of your text conversation made me laugh - blogging for a grade sounds like a great deal to me too! I'm on tumblr as well, feel free to follow me here: Oh, and I commend you for ever even taking an advanced physics class... That just sounds like a nightmare.

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