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Hi everyone! My name is Kaitlin Corson and it is my first year here at Penn State. I am majoring in the College of Liberal Arts in the specific major of Criminology. My whole life I've wanted to study Criminology and enter a career in law, always with every intention of getting a BA in the major...the option with the least science and math included. I took this course solely because I needed to fulfill credits and it seemed like a simple enough source for a girl who had never succeeded in science. I really had no knowledge at all regarding what this class would be like, yet on a whim, I decided to take it.
I am not planning to be a science major due to my complete lack of skill and interest in the subject. Throughout high school I never had teachers that I could learn that simply from which lead to a less than intriguing class. The subject just never peaked my interest. Beside from that I have been set on my major for longer than I can remember, leaving me without a though of being science major. 


Well, for a little bit more about me, the picture above is from a trip I took to Europe a few years back with a student ambassador group. France was just one of the six countries we visited, cumulating to one of the best trips of my life. The sites I saw on this trip are some of the most beautiful places I have ever been and it was such a life-changing event. This lead me to now really want to study abroad during my college career. 
Well I will see you all in class on Tuesday! 


Hi I'm Baylee! I just changed my major, but I was majoring in Criminology before since my older sister just graduated with a criminal law degree so I was kind of "following in her footsteps". I also absolutely love traveling as well! My parents have always felt that me and all my siblings should be well traveled so I always went on traveling overnight camps. My junior year of high school summer I backpacked Europe and I agree it is completely a life-changing event! Anyway, one of the things I didn't know if you have heard of but the Criminology major goes to the Netherlands! I think it's for four weeks during the summer and you can get 6 or 9 credits doing it! I couldn't find the link for it but it mentions it here:

Good luck with the course!

I'm curious to know if your student ambassador group was called "People to People". I had an opportunity to go to New Zealand but sadly could not raise the money.

It was People to People!

I couldn't help but notice the picture you posted on the eiffel tower! I was actually born in Paris and moved to Miami when was i was little! I go to europe every summer and I must agree with you that it is one of the most amazing places to go and visit. I hope you enjoyed visiting Paris it really is amazing. Iv'e never backpacked across Europe but i've considered doing it, do you recommend trying it?! I've been almost everywhere in Europe but one of my favorites is definitely Austria! You should check it out! Just in case: here you go!

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