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Science is vast. It's magnitude stretches from the extremely simple to incredibly complex and difficult. Somewhere in between the simple and the complex is where science-related subjects lost me. 

My middle school and high school science classes can hardly be considered that. Honestly, I'm not sure if my previous teachers understood completely what they were teaching, if they decided to actually do something that day. Teachers are everything when I am learning things in science and even math related fields and my not-so-great teachers played a major role in my lack of understanding in science. When things get more difficult than learning basic scientific facts, I am lost. It just doesn't click with me. This little understanding of science is obviously why I am not a science major. I am a Smeal hopeful but I'm still not sure of what exactly in business I am looking to do.

I am hoping that this class will make me better understand the things going on around me and appreciate the work that scientists do. Their work is incredible but my lack of understanding makes me unable to give them the credit they're due. I'm excited for blogging because I think it will force me to see all the science going on around me that is often overlooked. 

Outer space pics are my favorite! 
This site has a lot of cool ones:


I can't help but agree with you. I feel that my previous teachers in middle school and high school were more focused on completing the daily syllabus rather than making sure the students know what each powerpoint slide actually meant. If I wasn't so miserable learning the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis in high school, science could have made it into my future, but now my only hope at enjoying science is Andrew. http://www.cidd.psu.edu/people/afr3

I agree so much. My high school teachers shouldn't have been even certified to teach science so I think it rubbed me the wrong way. I also want to be able to give scientists the credit they deserve, unfortunately from the experience I've had I haven't been able to appreciate it as much as I would like too.

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Btw/ nice Outer Space pic.

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