I could definitely get used to this.

    Hey everyone! My name is Kelly Gibson, and I am a sophomore planning on double majoring in Psychology and Public Relations. When I came to Penn State, a shy and clueless freshman who decided to spend their last free summer in the LEAP Program (best decision ever, by the way), I was dead set on being a psychology major to the point where I came to this school specifically for the Human Development and Family Studies program. 

Then I was introduced to writing. 

     The third day of LEAP, one of my now best friends Lauren dragged me to try out for the Collegian, and since then, all I do write everyday. So, when I somehow heard in passing that there was a "blogging science class", I pretty much knew I would be enrolled at some point. The reason I took this course was to try to combine my worst subject, science, with my strongest point, writing. Hopefully blogging about something scientific will give me a bit of appreciation for the subject, considering I virtually have none. Maybe learning about gay animals or theories about the end of the world will change my mind about my most loathed subject.

      If you're somehow wondering why I'm not a major in my most loathed subject, it's pretty simple. I can't do math. I can't do numbers. I can't tie my own shoes half the time, let alone do chemistry or physics or any other course that is required with being a science major. However, give me something to put into words, and I won't shut up, so sorry for this blog being so long. Case in point, some people are born logical thinkers and problem solvers, and others are born to fangirl in public frequently.

 Speaking of fangirling, I am possibly the most obnoxious Glee fan alive, so because I need a picture, here's a picture of me meeting Darren Criss this summer. If you know who he is, please cry with me. If you just rather watch me embarrass myself, feel free to follow me on twitter at twitter.com/donth8theberry. I look forward to interacting with you guys and reading your posts!

Xoxo, Kelly Gibson



I agree with you, hopefully I will also appreciate science through blogging about it! I just recently started watching season 1 of Glee for the first time this week and I must admit that I AM HOOKED! I absolutely love every single character on the show and cannot believe it took me this long to finally watch it! Here is a special link I figured you probably already saw but will understand perfectly :) http://www.deviantart.com/?view_mode=2&order=9&q=wemma Happy Blogging!

That is amazing that you got to meet Darren Criss this summer, I am so jealous! I am a huge Glee fan and have been from the start.
I'm a criminology major which isn't too far away from psychology and I am also thinking about double majoring in public relations or just minoring in it (I am a freshman though). It seems we have a lot in common because I also have a love of writing. I think it's great to find something that you didn't expect to love and then make it an important part of your life.
Well, since you listed your twitter, mine is twitter.com/kkaitlinmariee so feel free to follow me!

I completely agree with you! I am not a science person at all which is why this class should be so fun and interesting for us non science people. I am also majoring in Public Relations, so we probably have lots in common. I also am super interested in psychology but I wasn't sure if it was something I was interested enough in to major. Anyway this summer my sister introduced me to Glee! I haven't watched it that many times, but the few times I have I loved it. I didn't put my twitter account on my blog post, but since you did on yours heres mine! https://twitter.com/nicollek29

Hi Kelly! I'm excited to read your blog posts because I've read your stuff in the Collegian and Valley, and you're seriously a great writer.. love it! I'm also glad we're both fangirls, and even though we fangirl over different things, (aka me: http://hotdamncarlospena.tumblr.com/post/55299835827/big-time-rush-plays-big-time-improv) it's pretty much a great bond we have, and there has to be some science related to that ;)

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