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Hello everyone! My name is Mackenzie Kirsch and I am a freshman! I am from State College and live about a five-minute drive from campus. I love everything about State College and Penn State and I am so happy to finally start my education here! As of right now, I am in the College of Communications and my major is Public Relations.  I was also a gymnast for 15 years and competed competitively for 10 years. Below I have a link to the YouTube video of McKayla Maroney's vault in the 2012 Summer Olympics. This vault was pretty much perfect in every aspect and even for those of you who don't know anything about gymnastics will be amazed, I promise you. I also added a picture of me with my best friend Allie who is also my roommate. We both hurried over to the JoePa statue before they took it down so we could get pictures and its one of my favorite pictures.

          As I was signing up for classes, science was the absolute last subject I looked at. Ever since middle school, science has always been something I would dread and avoid at all costs. Willing to do anything I could to get out of it, I basically refused to take a science class my first semester. However, my Gen Ed requirements need to be filled and I thought I might as well get science out of the way as fast as possible. My advisors recommended this class to me for students who aren't the biggest fans of science and I'm very happy they did. Who doesn't like a class where you can learn what you want to know more about? After the second class my mind was already blown when Andrew told us we have more than five senses.

            The reason I am not majoring in a science field is because all my experiences involving science in the past have never really interested me. Between earth science, biology, and chemistry, I never seemed to care enough about those topics to really want to major in those fields. However, with the way this class is set up, I can't wait to start learning about topics that we can all apply to whatever careers or interests we have.

I wish I could do this


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Wow Mackenzie! I am interested in hearing a little more about what you hope to someday do with your major! Also, I think it is awesome you got to get one last picture with the statue, and do you think they will ever bring it back out? Also, gymnastics is fascinating to me, and those girls are truly incredible. Will you be on the gymnastics team here at PSU? Best of luck to ya!

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