A Very Late Night Entry Because All My Classes Start At 1:25 pm


Hello everyone! My name is Jess Horn and I'm a
freshperson (not freshman) here at Penn State. I am enrolled in this course
solely because of ratemyprofessor.com. I'm sure most of you did indeed take the
time to read the reviews on Andrew and I have to say - I agree with every
positive comment he received on that site.
Click here to see what I'm talking about

As you can see from 2 post below this one, my roommate Jess 

                                                                     (yes we have the same name and look alike)  


included a candid conversation of how excited I was to be taking this class over the summer. In fact, I actually persuaded her to take the last spot available. I am thrilled about taking a class that explores the many aspects and interesting topics related to science ... as well as social media blogging about my opinions and reactions.

I am not planning on becoming a science major simply because the chemical equation for photosynthesis and respiration freaks me out. In high school I took AP Environmental Science and the amount of minerals and compounds found in natural gasses that I had to memorize was time consuming and irrelevant to my life. 

I'm so glad Andrew took notes on what we ACTUALLY wanted to know about science and asked us what we thought were important topics to learn about. 

See you guys tomorrow! 

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