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As you guys begin the first blogging period, you may be wondering what sources, or how many you need to include in your post. While you don't want to bog down the class with tons of information, it is actually easier to write a good blog post when using more than one source--you may find yourself summarizing an article if that's your only source.

I've found that two sources per post often work best. And these sources do not have to agree with each other. In fact, I encourage you to find two competing articles, then to draw your own conclusions about which side provided the strongest evidence. You don't have to be 100% sure that this side is flawless (remember, this class often deals more with questions than concrete answers).

Many news articles and science journals are okay to use, but do try to stay away from sources like Wikipedia--that's a great starting point, but it's safer to include more reputable sources. Which yes, you must cite (doesn't have to be MLA format...just make sure you include links to the articles you've mentioned).

And just to get you guys thinking about science, here is one of my favorite YouTubers--Charlieissocoollike--talking about parallel universes:

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