This is the place to leave suggestions about science questions you want to discuss in class.  Simply leave the idea as a comment below.  (If you want to do it anonymously, post a comment on the instructor blog or email Andrew.)

We need reasonably focused questions.  Broad topics, like 'Evolution' or 'Stem Cells' or 'Genetically Modified Organisms' won't work.  Pose a question scientists have (or could) set about answering.  The questions might be anything from those that scientists consider solved (How old is the Earth?) right through to questions considered unanswered (How did life arise?).  Also fair game are course-relevant questions non-scientists argue about, even if scientists do not (Is there anything in astrology?).   

My plan is to chose questions that allow us to explore the course objectives.   By way of examples, I currently have in mind questions like

  • Does HIV cause aids?Birds of Paradise 1.jpg
  • Are vaccines dangerous?
  • Is passive smoking dangerous?
  • How many deer to kill in deer season?
  • Can your genome tell us how long you have to live?
  • Why do peacocks (or birds of paradise) have such a ridiculous tails?
  • Is the Earth warming?

But I am open to suggestions........

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