Zombie Driving Teachers

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According to a study by the University of Toronto, first person shooter games may influence brain functions related to visual attention and reaction time. These may be helfpul for things like driving or catching yourself when you trip. People often say that playing games improves your hand and eye coordination but let's be honest, most of those people are using that as an excuse and are probably not getting enough sunshine. But this study does give some credibility to the idea, primarily because this study is unique from others.


Previous studies apparently didn't bother to make sure all  participants don't regularly play video games or that they at least play the same kinds. Because of this, the article argues, the measured changes in brain activity could have been a result of pre-existing conditions in each person's brain. But because this study makes sure everyone is on equal footing and then gives us 2 control groups for 2 types of games, it then allows us to compare both groups to before the trial as well as how they changed with respect to each other. People who play puzzle games, unfortunately, did not get the same benefit, although I would question why because one would think this improves brain function as well. Maybe it just highlighted a part of the brain that wasn't being looked at in the study. Do you think video games can be responsible for these kinds of things and if so, does the type of play a role in deciding which functions are improved? Either way, 'm going to thank zombie killing to thank for my great driving record.

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I find it interesting that the results of the study find that playing video games improves hand-eye coordination. It seems that video games can have many different effects on people. A few semesters ago in my child development class, we learned that children who play violent video games are more likely to partake in violent play with other children. The children know that video games are a form of entertainment and learn that getting enjoyment from being violent is a normal thing to do. The people who make video games need to put more thought into the design of the games. Instead of teaching children to be violent, there should be more productivity out of playing video games.

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