Why are we so afraid?

As I'm sitting here in my bed with American Horror Story playing on Netflix in the background, I can't help but wonder why people create shows and movies with the intent of frightening people. Personally, I don't frighten easily, but a few people I know will jump at the drop of a hat... but why? Why do we get scared?

I came across an article in Time Magazine on where fear comes from and I found some interesting information. The author discusses an unnamed patient whose amygdala (a part of the brain where fear and memories are dealt with) has been disabled-- but they can't figure out why. They showed her scary movies and images, but she didn't react.

This took me back to an older blog post of mine where I discussed adrenaline, and I assumed there would be a correlation between adrenaline and fear-- and I was correct. An article on memory loss mentions that he adrenal gland fires off adrenaline, which activates the amygdala, creating the feeling of fear.

So all that being said, what scares you guys? 


I honestly do not know why I get scared. I think people are frightened easily because something that that are not expecting happens rapidly.

I found your first article that discussed the woman who has a condition that keeps her from fearing anything to be very interesting. However, I think a situation like this can be very dangerous. For example, if someone robs my home and has a gun, I would be frightened. SM wouldn’t be frightened in a situation like this, which could cause her to be harmed.

What do you think of people who appear very tough and train themselves not to fear anything? Do you think this has any impact on the amygdala?

I find myself not getting frightened by shows or movies providing that the sound is off. I don't know if you've ever looked at different things regarding sound ballots on movies and their overall mood setting abilities on their audience but it's almost creepy. What seems to build a frightened feeling in the watcher of a horror movie can easily be changed with an upbeat song choice as apposed to the loud and ominous song ballots that are used in horror films. Even though this isn't a horror film, below is a youtube clip that helps to support my claim.


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