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Thumbnail image for virgo-star-sign.jpgI was born on September 9th and my sign is a Virgo. Everyday, I look at my horoscope either online or in The Daily Collegian to see what kind of day I'm in for. I always wonder though, "Who comes up with these? How do they know? Is it real?"

Horoscopes are based on astrology and the positions of the the planets and the stars. According to a horoscope website, using horoscopes "began with the ancient Greeks" thousands of years ago. They believed that "the position of the sun and the planets also had an effect on a person's life." 

On "The History of Horoscopes", an explanation for how a horoscope is determined is provided. It is based on a person's birthday (the year, time, date). There are twelve signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each sign has different personalities and identifiers, For example, since I am a Virgo, this means that I am independent, analytical, reliable, neat and calm. (I sound so boring...)

They also describe how the most familiar horoscopes are the ones people read in the newspaper; these horoscopes are based on the sun. However, the most accurate horoscopes are based on a person's birth chart, which "looks at the birth planet and the interactions or crossing paths of other sky entities and planets acting on that birth planet."


I love reading my horoscope and it's just fun to see what kind of day I will have! But there is also a science behind it, as it was founded on astrology.


I don't really believe or study astrology, but I am a Leo and find that any time I read my horoscope it is accurate. But I don't really think people should rely on their horoscope or astrology readings, because most of the time, the predictions are so vague, that if we spend our lives trying to figure out what they mean, we would drive ourselves nuts. Also, the predictions could be seen in a variety of circumstances because they are so vague.

i am a Pisces, i ask the same question who comes up with all this predictions, and things like that. i barely read the horoscope, my aunt is a big fan of it, and whenever she reads it I'm always open to hear what they say about me. But i don't really believe in any of that stuff, i think sometimes they are pretty funny, because is always the same thing, they either predict that you are going to be financially unstable, or your love life is going to be bad.

My sign is cancer. I have, too, had the iphone app that tells you your daily, weekly, and monthly forecast based on your sign. I have stopped reading these simply because I find them so common that they could be true for almost anyone. They sound very detailed and unique by the way they are worded but if you really read into them most of things they say will happen, happen everyday. An interesting study could be done by analyzing horoscopes and people's life events over time to see if there is any correlation between the two. But then again, correlation does not mean causation. So does astrology determine our day... or do our own actions? I think our own actions.

Yea I like looking at my horoscope from time to time and it always amazes me at how accurate they can be. I wonder if this is due to chance or if actually there is a formula that calculates ones personality based on the distance of the planets. Also another thing I noticed was that often times I found the horoscope readings to be pretty general and I could see the explanations matching simply due to chances that something as general as being moody will take place at some point in your life depending on your age.

I agree with Alexandra, I don't believe in astrology but maybe its because I don't know enough about it. I have read my horoscope many times and there are times I look at it and I'm in disbelieve of the accuracy but then i question how one sign can represent the millions of people that have that one sign, thats where my doubts are.

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