Hiccups, are there any solutions?


I find hiccups to be very annoying and I am sure that some of you share the same sentiments. We always try to find solutions to get rid of them: scaring the person, holding your breath, sipping water slowly, breathe in and out or a rather bizarre one which is hanging upside down. So I wanted to find the best solution that will put an end to hiccups when they start.

Hiccups are the result of spasms that contract the diaphragm which stops an intake of breath due to the "closure of the vocal chords." A full stomach causes hiccups which eventually go away on their own. I was surprised to find that smoking, emotional stress, swallowing too much air, and a sudden change in the temperature of the stomach can cause a full stomach. I find it hard to believe that such things actually do that, I would think the opposite. Eating too much food or drinking too much alcohol is much more believable than the causes listed in the previous sentence. Anyway let's move on.

Hiccups can last from a few minutes to even months. If a person has been experiencing hiccups for more than 2 days then he or she has what is called persistent hiccups, more "than a month intractable hiccups." Both types of hiccups are signs of "other health serious problems" which include: metabolic problems (hyperventilation), mental problems and central nervous system problems (cancer).

As I said in my opening, there have been many suggested solutions to stopping hiccups and I wanted to see which is best. Well, I found some new and not so new one and here they are: holding your breath and counting slowly to 10, breathing repeatedly into a paper bag for a limited period of time, quickly drinking a glass of cold water and eating a teaspoon of sugar or honey. I personally would choose breathing repeatedly in a paper bag because holding my breath never worked, water increases my chances of choking and sweets only make me hyper.

                Seeing these solutions which one works for you best? Have you ever had hiccups for more than two days?


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