Vitamin D and cancer


In our recent classes we have discussed cancer, how cells act in our bodies, and of course my favorite, Zombies.  Unfortunately this post has nothing to do with Zombies.  Good news is a team of researchers at McGill University, led by John White and David Goltzman, have discovered potential effects vitamin D has on proteins inside the body.  The protein, cMYC, controls and drives the division of cells.  More than half of all cancers have elevated levels of this protein.


"For years, my lab has been dedicated to studying the molecular mechanisms of vitamin D in human cancer cells, particularly its role in stopping their proliferation,"  - John White.


Their studies show that vitamin D inhibits the  function and production of cMYC.  Vitamin D increases the production of another protein, MDX that rivals with cMYC.  Fundamentally MDX shuts down the function of cMYC.  


"Taken together, our results show that vitamin D puts the brakes on cMYC function, suggesting that it may slow the progression of cells from premalignant to malignant states and keep their proliferation in check. We hope that our research will encourage people to maintain adequate vitamin D supplementation and will stimulate the development of large, well-controlled cancer chemoprevention trials to test the effects of adequate supplementation," - Dr. White.


It might be a good idea to stock up on Sunny D now.



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