Up in the Nosebleeds


The cheapest tickets for sale in any stadium or arena are commonly referred to as the "nosebleed" seats. It's such a common phrase we never think anything of it. We know exactly what they mean by it, but what do they REALLY mean by it? What does it have to do with nosebleeds?

                One out of seven people will get a nosebleed sometime in their life. There is a high concentration of blood vessels in the nose and the lining of the nose is very thin. It is common for the lining of the nose to crack, dry out, become irritated, or be cut accidentally. The blood vessels are just below this thin lining so any of those cases could cause the nose to bleed. High altitude can cause one's nose to bleed because the air is dryer and thinner than the air at sea level. However, calling them "nosebleed seats" is just a hyperbole. The air is pretty much the same throughout a stadium. The altitude of the cheapest seats is not nearly high enough to make one more susceptible to nosebleeds.


nb seats.png

I've had my fair share of "nosebleed seats"




This idea is a very interesting take on such a common saying. after covering basics, the generally elevation of the highest stadium seat is not high enough to usually cause nosebleeds, what elevations do make a person more susceptible to get nose bleeds? more generally what makes a person to be likely to have nose bleeds? is their a genetic link. There is a lot of information and approaches you could take in finding more about nose bleeds and altitude, a discovery health article cite the low humidity at very high altitude may be the cause for cracking in the thin and sensitive skin in the nose, exposing blood vessels, causing more nose bleeds. Maybe considering what can cause these noose bleeds would be interesting?


That figure of speech is definitely a hyperbole! After doing some further research, I found an article that shows there are a number of other common causes of nose bleeds besides a change into a higher altitude. For example, colds and infections can also cause nosebleeds. Extra mucus from the cold can irritate the lining of the nose and can cause a blood vessel to burst due to the excess blowing of the nose. It also explains how allergies and the shape of the nose can affect how frequently a person gets a nose bleed. A mixture of all these factors can help explain why some people are more susceptible.

This blog was funny to me. I hear the saying all the time, but always wonder if it has ever happened to someone sitting up there. The name had to originate from somewhere, right? You dont think that someone has had a nose bleed in that section before because of the altitude?, weather?, and irritation?

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