They Make for Funny Commercials, Horrible Sport Enhancers?


Last week, any avid ESPN watcher should have noted that two Tampa Bay Buccaneers were suspended for using the ADHD drug Adderall. It violated league rules. While some scientists would agree that Adderall will give you a slight advantage, the next proposed drug has been shot down.

Chicago Bear's star wide receiver Brandon Marshall claims that he has even heard of players using Viagra to gain an advantage on the field. Viagra is technically legal as far as what NFL players can take and what they cannot as enhancers. Marshall, known for being a bit of a character, claims he was being serious, but folks across the league tend to disagree saying they have never heard of Viagra being used to be hard on other players, just hard in bed.

The idea that it would benefit athletes was studied by Dr. Oliver Rabin, director at the World Anti-Doping Agency. His conclusion was that there seems to be no benefit for an NFL player and that Viagra does not act like other steroids would.

Case closed and end of my fourth blog of the session.






Obviously not! The most remarkable thing to come out of this study is that Viagra can be beneficial for some athletic purposes. We all know that you pop a Viagra, you pop an erection because your blood is dilated. The results of this study were different in one area: high altitude sports! Because being at higher altitudes causes vessels in the lung to constrict, Viagra tends to help fight this off. Who would have thought that Brandon Marshall was somewhat right!

The study seems to not contain many flaws. I am not sure whether this is true in females or not, so I would not suggest taking Viagra for the purpose at this point though. I can tell you that if Andrew put this on the final, you can damn well guarantee this is not a file drawer problem!

Again, I would not suggest using Viagra, but it is an interesting study. I think it was well conducted and the results are not what most would expect. The question I ask my fellow bloggers to think about is this: Do you think this drug may be used more commonly in the years to come for its other benefits?


I really don't think that using Viagra is going to become a "thing" anytime soon. It's been around for so long that if using Viagara was going to become popular, I believe it would have happened by now Personally, I believe that taking Viagra doesn't provide that much of an actual physical effect, but more of a mental effect on the athletes. I think that Viagra provides more of a placebo effect on the athletes than a natural, physical effect. This article discusses how placebos strongly impact athlete performance. This is very similar to the healing tape worn by athletes (such as Volleyball player Kerri Walsh) during the Olympics that have been shown to have no physical advantage, but are considered being banned simply because of the placebo that they provide which benefits an athlete's performance.

When I heard Brandon Marshall say this I thought it was so strange and everything I read about it thought the same. I would not see how Viagra would have any effect on a player's performance. I think it is so weird. I know players go to great lengths for that leg up but Viagra?? I also don't understand why things like Adderall. Carlos Ruiz of the Phillies was just suspended for this as well and I don't get what the big deal is! This article tries to explain why it matters but I still think it's overdramatic

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