The Truth About UGGs


We've all heard about high heels being detrimental to your feet, but could Uggs be doing the same thing? "How could they?" you may be thinking. They're so comfy, expensive, warm, expensive, cute, and did I mention expensive. I've always thought that any type of flat was good for your feet but apparently not. But don't chuck those $160 babies in the back of your closet just yet! 


The main reason Uggs aren't a podiatrist's best friend is because of the lack of support. They don't tie or buckle, and there's a lot of room in the toe area. So basically "they're a vague shape that allows your feet to flop around inside of them, "Which isn't so great.  They're like wearing flip flops; your toes have to make an extra effort by clenching with each step you take. And they can "put a strain on your Achilles tendon."

Another strike for these iconic boots is the sweating that they can cause your feet. Excessive sweating can cause fungus, especially for people that don't wear socks with their boots.

Is there any way you can avoid these horrors? My answer to you is yes! Any shoe insert could nip that 'lack of support' in the bud. It provides support for your arches and takes the strain off of your toes when you walk. As for sweaty feet wearing socks with the boots are a good start. If that's not working for you, adding some powder to your socks is extra protection.




One thing that i think is crazy is the amount of women who at least one pair if not more of uggs. Almost every single girl that you see regardless of their age has a pair of the comfortable and expensive shoes. As you mentioned above because of these two reasons and others, many would never think that they are actually not very good for your foot. I have read other blogs on this topic and the one thing that i want to say is how many people own these shoes yet do not know they are actually bad for you. The thing is though that i feel even if more people did know about this, it would not affect their decision to buy them. It would be interesting to see if there are any studies done to show how different ugg models and types can affect your foot, and if they have similar side affects. A blog on that would be interesting.

I never would have thought that UGGs could be just as damaging to the foot region as heels. However, after reading this blog it makes complete sense. Once you related it to wearing flip flops I made the connection to the lack of support. The most interesting part of this I thought was the sweat that can cause fungus and other bad things to happen on people's feet. An interesting blog to relate this topic with could be how different surfaces can affect sweat glands and how much perspiration is produced due to wearing UGGs.

That is pretty courageous of you to post some ammunition for guys all over to read. Another excuse right around the holidays so that we do not have to purchase uggs!!!! I think this is a common problem though. If it isnt the expensive uggs its a knock off brand. If it isnt UGGS for girls, its un-tied Timberlands for the gentlemen. I think that as a whole the majority of shoes out today (outside of athletic foot wear) look gorgeous and are in style, but are slowly the reason that we will all have not only problems with our arches or Achilles tendons, but it also leads stress on our joints and tendons in our knees and ankles.

This is a very interesting idea you have presented. I have heard for many years now that flip flops as well as heels are bad for out feet, but Uggs are a new development. But can you draw the conclusion that Uggs are as bad as heels for out feet? according to the this Huffington Post article,, heels can couse serious muscle stain in the legs, as well as serious knee and back problems. It would be interesting to look at at what types of shoes are good for us, if any. Also have you thought about the effects these types of shoes have on our walking? Maybe check out this New York Magazine article .

Like Michael said, there's a lot of shoes that people wear that are in style, but terrible for your feet. I always knew UGGS were horrible for the health of your feet just because of the lack of support and I already have terribly flat feet, so it's just an unfortunate combination. Shoe inserts are definitely a must for these flat kind of winter boots. What about the knee high or ankle boots that have only a slight heel but no arch support, or even mocassins? Are those any worse? What are the worst shoes to wear in terms of orthotics?

I've always heard about this. My dad is pretty much against shoes that aren't sneakers. I never really paid much attention to it until I started to realize it for myself. The first time I realized was when I wore my Uggs to a football game this year. The constant hours of standing and jumping around in them killllled my feet and even my lower back. I have high arches in my feet so to have no support under them is no fun. What's funny is that even if we all know this we won't stop buying or wearing them. I never though tto put shoes inserts in them though. Good idea.

This blog is interesting! I never knew UGG boots could be bad for your feet. I guess most people thought like me, I'm assuming it's because most girls wear these shoes, so everyone thinks it's okay to wear them. But UGG bots aren't the only shoes that are bad for you. Apparently Converse shoes also are bad for your feet for similar reasons as UGG boots! Converse shoes also have flat bottoms, which don't mold into our feet. Evolution has formed our feet to walk on terrain or sandy areas by bare foot, so that's why our feet are curved. Our feet were never made to walk on hard surfaces such as concrete or tiles. Therefore, when we walk in our flat bottom-ed shoes, our ankles hurt, our feet become deformed, and we'll get calluses. This is also why sports shoes, such as running shoes or tennis shoes have curved bottoms. They are made to be comfortable, since during exercise, you move around more often, so you need comfortable shoes. Running shoes are actually designed to be comfortable on your feet, whereas UGGs are made mainly for the style. Wearing these types of footwear can also lead to the development of Osgood-Schaltters disease in children and Patella-tendonitis in adults. More of this can be read about here

I an a chronic flip flop wearer. They are literally the only thing I wear on my feet for months on end. They also provide no foot support. While everything that you mentioned (extra toe room, etc.) would definitely cause foot damage, I personally believe that what would cause Uggs to be hazardous to feet is the complete and total lack of arch support. Everyone in my family has high arches and when we wear shoes without any arch support, our arches tend to be very sore due to stress from the Posterior Tibial Tendon which runs along the bottom of the foot. Despite this, I wear both Uggs and flip-flops chronically and have never had any arch pain from either of them. But with that said, converse have caused my feet immense pain that has gone away after inserting arch supporting insoles into my shoes. Personally, I think that if the bottom of the shoe has a soft insole that molds to your feet, then it will provide enough arch support the keep you arches form being stretched.

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