The Downsides to Cell Phone/ Smartphone Usage

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The cellular phone was invented for its convenience. People no longer had to be in a home in order to contact someone. Nowadays, it's phones are a necessity, people usually don't go out without one on them. Constantly people have been telling me that tucking a phone into one's bra can cause cancer, and that talking on the phone with the phone pressed against your ear can cause cancer, so I decided to look into it to see if it actually is bad.

Mobile devices emit radio-frequency energy, also known as radio waves, which is energy that travels as radio waves, its electrical energy is used in medical procedures for removing soft tissue. There are two types of radio waves: ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation is used in procedures such as x-rays, and non-ionizing radiation which is used in microwaves and radar. Radio-frequency energy can be absorbed into a person's tissue closest to where the phone is held. Long exposures to ionizing radiation can cause cancer. According to the FDA, there is no consistent proof that excessive cell phone usage can cause cancer. But this does not mean using a cell phone is good for you. A research conduced in 2009 showed that holding your phone in your pocket can cause weakening in the pelvis the side the phone was on. Men who carried their phones on their hip for 15 hours a day for about six years have down their bone marrow density was lowered. This proves that wearing a phone near your body, regardless if your using it or not, can negatively affect the body due to the continuous radiation exposure. This is also why people say it's bad to stand in front of a microwave; the radiation from the microwave can be absorbed by tissues. Another study in Israel has shown an increase in parotid gland tumors due to cell phone usage. The parotid gland is a type of salivary gland located near the cheek, the same area a cell phone is typically held. As this gland is exposed to radiation, cancer risk increases.

From learning this information, it's impractical to say that everyone should stop using their cellphones just because some studies have shown the negative affects of it. Just like using a microwave can be potentially bad for one's body, it doesn't stop anyone from using it. But there are several steps you can take to lower your risk of radiation exposure, such as, when you go to a party, don't tuck your phone into your bra, instead, bring a small purse so you can still be hands free without having the risk of radiation entering the body. When you talk on a phone for more than half an hour, hold your phone about an inch away from your ear so the radiation isn't directly emitting near your brain. It's be even better if you talk while wearing earphones. 

Whether or not cell phone usage is unhealthy is still debatable, there has yet to be solid proof that the radiation emitted from a phone is directly correlated with cancer. But after reading this post, would you try and cut down on cell phone usage or remain the same?

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While I agree that people need to spend less time on their phones, I think that the danger you speak of is minimal and still unfounded. You said it yourself that the FDA currently says that cellphones don't cause cancer. The article from the site that you used does not seem to be based on much other than a few instances which can be attributed to chance. ""We connected the dots," the patient said. And the dots―quite literally the pattern of the cancer, and distribution of the cancerous cells―lined up perfectly with the shape of her cell phone." This could be completely chance and would need to be seen in many more instances. Having said that I certainly think we need to continue to run tests, because as technology grows, so do some dangers.

Standing next to a microwave and getting sick from radiation is also a myth. The levels of radiation released by microwaves have to be under a certain level which is not harmful to humans. From New York Times Health

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