The Cost of Aids

One of the biggest scientific questions involves a unique part of the world.  Africa is a beautiful continent yet it is plagued with a variety of medical problems including HIV.  HIV has caused Africa to have many problems domestically as the citizens struggle to deal with its consequences.  

HIV is an acronym for human immunodeficiency virus.  It is the virus that is linked to the cause of AIDS.  When HIV occurs a persons ability to deal with both infections and cancer is weakened greatly.  Although somebody may have all of these problems, the patient may not even know until they get tested that they are infected.  The worst part about this virus is there is no known cure.  A variety of medicines exist to help relieve the symptoms, however there is no way to completely get rid of it.  

When a country is plagued with AIDS there are problems beyond just the people who are infected. In Africa over 22.9 million people who live in Sub Saharan Africa live with the deadly virus.  These people are also dying at extreme rates.  Over 1.2 citizens succumbed to this in 2010 according to a study on . 

There are even more problems related to HIV. If HIV is present in a large portion of a countries citizens, this will cause the countries economy to stumble.  For example AIDS medications can cost up to $2315.40 PER MONTH. That can be a huge part of somebodies budget, especially if they aren't making a lot of money.  The average pay for an African citizen is $315.  With that kind of pay the average African citizen can't even pay 1/6 of their medications fees.

With large rates of citizens with AIDS in Africa, and costs for medications at extremely high prices, the question that needs to be asked is can an effective HIV vaccine be created that is feasible? In addition will we be able to see this happen in the foreseeable future?

According to an article written on, funding for a new reliable and cheap vaccine has revived a higher donation total than any other worldwide cause.  However if one was able to be created, hundreds of thousands of peoples lives could be saved every year.

A sustainable HIV vaccine would greatly help out the continent of Africa at this point in time.  Not only would it save lives but at the same time add relief to their struggling economy.  However do you think that this is possible?  Will the world ever get to see a vaccine like this?  

I am glad that HIV research is getting a lot of attention and funding to be put towards finding a cure.  Hopefully one day our generation will be able to see the world rid itself of one of the worst health issues one could be faced with.  Until then what do you think can be done in order to hasten this process up?


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