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 Any true sportsman will always tell you that there sport is the best.  As a baseball and hockey player myself, I am no different. I've gotten into arguments with golfers who have tried to persuade me into saying that playing golf can get you more physically fit than baseball or hockey.  Being the sportsman that I am, I respectfully shrugged his comments off.  So for all those out there who think their sport is simply the most athletic or requires only the most physically fit to play, I'm here to tell you that the fittest sport out there is........the sport of boxing.  

In a heavily researched study conducted by Espn partnered with Topendsprts, many experts determined that boxing was indeed the fittest sport.  The study researched what the experts felt were the ten best categories to measure fitness level in sports, and the highest total was the winner.  They combined endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, nerve, durability, hand-eye and aptitude.  Boxing came out #1 with a score of 73.375, next to hockey (71.750) and football. (68.375) According to an article on top end sports, "You can't go past boxing as the sport requiring the greatest all round levels of fitness.  Aerobic endurance, strength, power, speed, agility and flexibility are all extremely important for success in boxing."  Although Boxing did not win any category other than duration, it finished top 10 in many others. 

 I believe this experiment is incredibly accurate considering it tested about every sport that gains national attention including billiards, archery, horse racing,  and futsal. Among the experts were PH.D's Peter Davis, Janet Starkes and Bruce Watkins.  Additionally,  there was two sport superstar Brian Jordan, Espn anchor Chris Mckendry, and senior writers Jim Caple and Michael Knisley.  This is a incredibly non-biased and experienced bunch.  However, there will always be the sportsmen like myself who disagree.  If you believe the sport you play requires a higher level of fitness, I would love to hear what you have to say.  For the boxers out there, congrats on some bragging rights.

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I'm planning to join the boxing club next semester so this study is cool. Why aerobic endurance is so important since you are in a small, confined space is beyond me though. I saw on the list boxing and martial arts but nothing to represent MMA style fighting. I think an argument could definitely be made for it being tougher than boxing. I looked at the study and maybe endurance and durability could be redefined or maybe grouped together and you could pick another trait. They seem so closely related that it could be pretty difficult to differentiate between the two.

There is no question in my mind that Boxing and MMA are the sports that require the most physical fitness, as you're constantly moving your feet and hitting your opponent as fast as possible with only two minute breaks in between rounds. But boxing is also probably the most dangerous. One needs to look no further than Muhammad Ali for evidence of this. Perhaps the greatest boxer ever is now barely able to function properly due to Parkinson's disease. While science has been unable to prove that boxing was the definite cause of this, this article from the American Academy of Neurology explains a clear link between boxing and diseases brought on by brain damage.

This study was actually done a time ago when MMA fighting styles were not as prevalent as boxing or other major sports. To answer a couple of your questions, in the study durability and endurance were defined differently. Endurance was the overall length of the game or bout in time and effort. Durability was a the ability of the individuals in the sport to participate in a match or game based on the collateral effort. In boxing, it is incredibly amazing to see these fighters go for 12 rounds when usually their face has swollen their eyes shut after 3. When looking at MMA however, I believe it is a little different. While a study has not been done yet using those same elements as the ESPN one, I could guess that MMA would require more of things like strength, power and hand-eye to that of boxing.

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