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In my last entry, Why reject the facts?, I explained the importance for a healthy and logical approach to dieting as opposed to the extreme and impractical dieting ideas that are out there. At the end of the entry, I mentioned that there are some approaches to dieting that are still healthy, but not as intense as the calculated approach.

In an article from Science Daily, Low Fat Diet is Key to a Slimmer Figure, Study Suggests, it is explained that, well...a low fat diet is important for losing weight. In attempting to update their guidelines on total fat intake, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG) found that "[e]xchanging fatty foods for lower fat alternatives will help people shift around three-and-a-half pounds." If you are interested in examining the study that was conducted, you can follow the article title's link.

The Reader's Digest featured a list of 50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight. The very first item on the list recommends that you eat "fat releasing foods." Honey, eggs, dark chocolate, and other foods have a surprisingly low amount of calories (relatively) and will help you from feeling deprived of fatty foods. Along with this, they suggest that you "treat high calorie foods as jewels in the crown" to really savor those moments when you do eat foods with a lot of calories. The list also makes other simple (and healthy) suggestions for losing weight:

1.) The average person would lose about 25 pounds a year by switching to water as their
 primary drink after breakfast.
2.) Walking 45 minutes instead of the typically recommended 30 will burn an additional 300 calories.
3.) Eating one less cookie a day is enough to prevent the extra 1.8 to 2 pounds that people add during a year.

While these promises are inspiring, they all go back to the same point: take in fewer calories and burn more. Maybe that's what it would take to be successful though, focusing on smaller goals such as drinking only water and eating one less cookie a day. This is great approach to the problem that I mentioned in my first entry (that people become overwhelmed and discouraged when trying to lose weight). 

So, are you believers in the crazy dieting more convinced after hearing that limiting specific items can result in a relatively easy amount of weight loss, albeit in small increments? 

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