Red Wine or White Wine

Red wine is very delicious.  I enjoy pairing my meals with red wine often.  The same could be said for white wine, which I pair a little bit differently but enjoy nonetheless.  With all that being said, I really want to know which type of wine is healthier for your body.

Red wines also contain polyphenols.  Polyphenols can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve the immune system and combat harmful bacteria.  Red wines also include flavonoids which are known to combat cancer cells.  

In conclusion, red wines seem to have more health benefits than white wines.  

If you are a non drinker, eating a handful of blueberries could provide you with the same benefits as a glass of red or white wine.  White wine is often said to include the same ingredients as red wine, just a significant amount less.  So if you must drink, drink red.  If you don't drink, enjoy those blueberries.



My grandma drinks a glass of red wine every night and has always told me its healthy but I never really believed her. Now I'll probably call her and tell her shes right. I love both red and white wine, red when I am eating steak and white when I am eating sea food. But maybe ill start drinking a glass of red wine every night like my grandma.

I always notice my mom having a glass of red wine a few times a week. I never really looked into the health benefits of it. I just thought it was relaxing for her. Antioxidants are necessary to stay healthy, I just wrote a blog about how they are naturally found in dark chocolate also. Since red wine is made with whole grapes, I'm assuming that eating grapes would be just as beneficial? Although red wine is better for you, I think that white wine tastes better. So maybe for someone that enjoys drinking white wine more, will mix it up and drink some red wine occasionally to get those extra antioxidants and resveratrols!

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