As I've said in previous blogs, going to the gym is something I love to do. I am always trying to better my workouts and get the most out of them. To do this, I take protein and other supplements to get the most out of my workouts. I did a blog earlier in the semester about muscle loss and how we begin losing muscle at an early age. Scientists at Dana-Farber may have found a way to reverse muscle loss.

                Scientists have found an unknown protein that they think may be the key to reversing muscle loss. Muscle loss can be caused by aging or disease. There are many reasons for it. This breakthrough protein may be the key to stopping muscle loss if they can find a way to artificially raise the levels.  

                A study was conducted using mice. Mice gained muscle mass when given the protein. Mice with cancer were also given the protein, and it was found that the mice lost less muscle than a normal mouse would with that same cancer. The protein that they just found controls two different pathways in muscle growth. This allows muscles to gain strength along with mass. Mice given the protein were 20 percent stronger and were also found to be leaner than those not given the protein. The mice that had cancer and were given the protein only lost 10 percent muscle while others lost 29 percent.

                The study was effective in showing that this new protein delays muscle loss and it supports muscle mass. Imagine if scientists were able to supplement this protein. Do you think there would be a market for this kind of thing?

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I think there would definitely be a market for this supplement, provided it were safe to use on humans. I go to the gym a lot too and often end my workout with a nice protein shake. My favorite flavor is chocolate. What is yours?

In regards to the study, maybe it would be best that this protein not be used for weight-lifting and athlete purposes, but rather for people with deadly diseases who lose a lot of body weight such as cancer and aids patients.

You mentioned that it helped keep muscle mass but necessarily didn't help them gain it. If this is truly the case then weightlifters would probably not want this and it would be better suited for medically sick people who need to stay at a certain weight. I know sometimes surgeries can not be performed that could be life saving just because the person is to frail. Maybe if this protein was administered to them they would be able to receive the surgery and their life could be saved.

What are your thoughts?

I also perfer chocolate or cookes and cream. I take wheyabolic 60 which is meant for lean muscle. The protein found also promotes a lean muscle so I would definitely be upo for trying it out. I definitely agree with you though on not using it for workouts. At least not immediately. It should be developed for those who are actually in need of it because they are losing muscle. What do you think? And I think that you're 100% right with the surgery statement. I agree with you

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