Problems texting in the cold? Not any longer.

It happens to all of us. You're outside and you get a text. Along with that text comes a dilemma; do you take your hands out of your pocket or gloves and respond to the text, or wait until you get inside and stay warm?  The solution, silver-plated nylon thread.

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Most phone's touch screens work by using an electrical circuit in our skin to locate where our fingers touched the phone.  The standard glove made of wool, cotton or leather prevent electrical circuits from passing.  By stitching the silver-plated nylon thread to the finger tips of the gloves, electricity can be passed from your fingers to the thread and eventually to the phone.

This isn't the most technologically advanced by any means, but seeing one of my friends using it intrigued me.  Of course you can buy gloves designed for texting, but they can get a bit expensive.  Instead, if you have a pair of gloves you already enjoy, invest in some silver-plated nylon thread.  It is relatively cheap, and effective.  With the technology boom and the culture change towards texting, might all gloves in the future have fingertips that enable the use of a touchscreen?


This blog is entirely true! I own the Northface tech friendly gloves (site given below) and it makes it so easy for me to text with my gloves on! I never knew why it exactly worked, but after reading your blog I see that electricity coming from the nerves in your fingers passes through to the touch screen surface. I thought that anything could make the touch screen work but I guess I was wrong!

I also agree! I never understood exactly why only certain gloves/materials worked with touch screen phones, but this blog definitely gave a clear explanation. It did bring up some questions to me. Why don't all gloves these days use this material? With all the touch screen technology so frequently used today, I'm sure it won't be long until all gloves begin to be equipped with this type of material. Like you said though, the gloves with this accessory can get expensive, so I also wonder if there are any other types of material that can be used to make a similar product that can be sold at a cheaper prie.

I think that in the foreseeable future, we will start seeing all gloves being made of material that are touch-screen friendly per say. I researched if there were alternate materials that can be used. The consensus seems to be that silver based thread is the most prevalent for texting gloves.

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