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This may sound a little weird, but have you ever noticed that your urine can be different shades of yellow? Last month, I went on an all water diet. I did not drink juice or soda, which I gave up two years ago. During the "all water diet," I noticed that on many days my urine was unbelievably clear/very light. Does the color of your urine say anything about your health?

The body's kidney's are responsible for producing and filtrating urine. The color of your urine can help doctors diagnose a series of characteristics regarding your health.

Buzzle outlines the different colors urine may appear and what those colors typically indicate. Buzzle focuses on eight shades of urine. They are as follows:

                  Clear Urine                                              Orange                                

                  Bright/Neon Yellow Urine                        Blue/Green

                  Dark Yellow/Golden Urine                       Cloudy/Murky

                  Pink/Red                                                 Dark Brown/Tea Colored

Of the shades mentioned, I will focus on the following four: Clear, Dark Yellow/Golden, Pink/Red and Dark Brown/Tea Colored.

Clear Urine indicates that you have consumed an excessive amount of liquid. Urine is primarily composed of water. Judging from my personal experience, this makes sense because all of the water I was consuming diluted my urine, which is why it appeared to be very clear.

Dark yellow/golden urine is usually a sign of dehydration. If your urine is dark yellow, this means that your urine is more concentrated, as opposed to diluted when you drink an excessive amount of liquid.

People usually have pink/red urine when they have consumed food that contains red dye in it. Buzzle also notes that pink/red urine can be the result of the presence of a kidney infection or the presence of blood. For females having pink/red urine can make their typical check-up at the doctor a bit more complicated. Whenever someone goes to the doctor for a check-up or standard physical, a urine sample is almost always taken. In a female's case, the doctor always asks her when her last period was. Doctor's pose this question because the presence of blood in the urine can effect test results.

Dark brown urine is usually a sign of a liver disorder. Personally speaking, my uncle has a liver disorder. He discovered this only after experiencing severe abdominal pain and fatigue. Because he has liver disease, he has to monitor his hydration and he frequently gives urine samples at his doctor. 

Urine tests typically analyze: odor, protein, glucose, and nitrites. According to WEBMD, these factors along with color also say a lot about one's health.

Urine is not supposed to have a strong odor. Urine with a strong odor is usually caused by bacteria. Proteins, glucose and nitrites are typically not present in the urine, but if these are, they are signs of kidney disease, diabetes and urinary tract infections or UTI's(respectively).

The color of your urine IS very important. By paying attention to your body and the color of your urine you can figure out whether or not you are dehydrated. You can also determine whether or not you need to see a doctor by using additional factors such as odor to indicate whether or not your kidneys are performing their functions properly!

Any thoughts?

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I have always wondered why urine was different colors. I too occasionally go on all water diets not so much because I am trying to get rid of calories from soda and juice but because I honestly just forget to drink sometimes and end up extremely dehydrated. My parents always told me that drinking too much juice and soda turns your urine darker as well. Since you mentioned drinks with red dye in it possibly turning your urine red, I wondered if the dyes in juices and sodas had that effect in making urine darker. Well after looking at a few sources, I did not see anything about drinks making your urine darker, but it did have an effect on turning urine other colors like blue/green and orange.

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