Pixie Cut Him Out of Your Life

While discussing girls with my friend (because, apparently, that's all that guys do), we were discussing Emma Watson's pixie cut. Between the two of us, we agreed that she looked fantastic, but I know there are plenty of guys that do not like pixie cuts, so I decided to do some research to see if there had been any research done. It turns out, there has!

An Elle article shows that the overall response to short hair for women is less enthusiastic than those for long hair. Scientists and doctors have analyzed why this could possibly be. According to one, long hair is representative of health, while short hair (at least according to society) signifies frailness. A Salon article points out that the most recent Maxim 100, a list of the "hottest women" in the public eye, did not include a single woman with short hair. Additionally, the article points out numerous actresses who have gone short, but switched back to long as fast as physically possible. A woman with short hair is seen as rebellious, trouble-making, and disobedient. Yes, disobedient. Some see women with short hair as trying to show men that they can do anything men do.

As short hair has always been associated with men and long hair with women, there has been a lot of crossover with women cutting their hair short and even men growing their hair out. So is the same trend seen for men? It turns out, yes. Depending on the woman, men with long hair can be seen as unattractive or irresistible. A man with long hair also brings back memories of the original men (Jesus, Moses, the like) who rocked the long hair, and it turns out that could be attractive for a woman. Others see long hair for a man as pure savagery and disgusting.

So what conclusion can we draw? There is no absolute consensus on what kind of hair is attractive or not. It's more of a personality thing. So maybe short hair does mean rebellion, and long hair means wildness, but that won't stop anyone from doing it. So get your Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams on, ladies, someone out there is going to love it.


If I could cut my hair into a pixie cut and have it look attractive, I would because it is so low maintence. I think that a big part of this is naturally feminine and masculine traits. Men are more likely to start thinning or balding, and having short hair is more natural for them, while longer thicker hair is more prominent among females. Short hair is not a "typical" female trait, which could be why a lot of men are not attracted to it. Same goes for long hair on men not being a "typical" masculine trait

First off I want to commend you for actually doing research on women and their haircuts; not many guys would even care. Initially I wanted to comment on your post and discuss why society objectifies long hair but SC200 isn't a class that deals with social issues :(

I digress.

Your research was spot on about women who wear their locks shorter. When Pop princess Miley Cyrus revealed her newly bleached and extremely short style, social media practically exploded. Fellow entertainer, Tyler the Creator tweeted that "her hair stylist is an a**hole." before deleting the tweet later that day. According to an article in Retox magazine, men like long hair because it reassures them of their masculinity. Long hair exudes femininity. Good long strong hair is a biological factor traditionally linked to feminine attributes of a woman, and a heterosexual man will often naturally and subconsciously find himself seeking such partner. Who knew our preferences really stemmed from our inner instincts of looking for the perfect mate?

Source: http://www.retoxmagazine.com/reasons-men-prefer-women-with-long-hair.html

I agree with this article alot. Being that I wore my hair short for more than half of this semester I can definitely relate. Chopping my hair off was a big risk for me at first and I was very nervous about what everyone was going to think about it. Once I started getting great compliments on it, I grew more confident in my hair and started to do more creative things with it. I noticed that with my short cut, there was a natural edge that came along with it. I no longer felt good wearing the same type of clothes I used to wear when my hair was long simply because my long hair was cute and girly and my short hair was edgy and stylish so I needed more fitting clothes and I seemed to wear darker colors more as well. I totally agree with the part where you said that short hair is rebellious because in a way it kind of gives you this bad a** "I don't care" demeanor, and some guys are attracted to that. having my hair long and short gave made me feel like two completely different people. My hair is in the in between stage of growing out of my short hair cut, but I am definitely thinking about cutting it again! =)

I agree with your blog mostly. The stereotypical traits of sex are still rampant in everywhere. However, it is interesting how people are crossing these boundaries these days. I have noticed that men are growing their hair, it seems like its the new trend recently. While women doing fixie hair have started in way long ago. I think women's fashion trends takes more rebellious steps than that of men's do. It is interesting to see how men are willing to try new hair-do that can be considered throwing their "manhood" away.

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