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An observation of human gentic variants in different ethnicities is something I've recently found interesting. There was an interview with Richard Dawkins where he was talking about humans first living in Africa and branching out from there. I've heard this several times but admittingly don't understand enough about it yet. We first cam out of Africa about 100,000 years ago, and as we settled in different areas of the world, our genes developed to fit the environment in which we lived-called adaptation in animals.


I wonder how genes that work against us would somehow switch and be beneficial to us. Although the reverse is true with molars so I see how it can be possible. But then I would ask would said gene be able to make itself useful to us, thereby saving itself before natural selection can wipe it out? I was under the impression that something like 100,000 years is too short a time frame for evolution to turn off a previously used function, but maybe that's because compared to evolving from apes, molars seem like a comparatively easy task to manipulate. There are two types of primates- anthropoids and prosimians, the former of which we, as well as Lucy, belong to. The promisians are the group more closely related to modern monkeys- the site mentioned lemurs as the closest modern relative to the group. I'm interested to know- Is there any known way in which some genetics can change in tens of thousands of years, whereas others can take millions?


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Well all of the continents were one big one many thousands of years ago called Pangaea. This is a very interesting topic to talk about. You're big observation is how we are so much different than other humans, yet we came from the same place. Natural selection, like you said, plays a substantial role in how people become who they are. My biggest question about this topic is do you think people will start to become more alike because of interracial couples and the ability to travel the world easier.

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