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whale.jpgIt is amazing what people find sometimes. It is also amazing how sometimes people find things that no one else has ever even seen before. When this happens, you consider yourself lucky. I think "lucky" is the perfect word to describe what these scientists found recently; the world's rarest whale.

                A spade-toothed beaked whale was discovered. I take that back, not just one was discovered, but two were found. A mother whale and its male calf were found washed up along a beach in New Zealand. This species of whale has been practically unknown to the science world, for it has been pretty much absent other than a few bones that had been found before. This mother and her calf were stranded on the beach and were unable to make it back in to the water. They died there on the beach and were discovered in 2010. The article on the whales has just been released this year.

                Opape Beach, New Zealand is where they were discovered. In the past 140 years, the only knowledge of this type of whale has been the three skulls that washed ashore in New Zealand and Chile. The fact that these two were found is a huge deal to the science world. Originally, the two washed up whales were identified as another species, but they later received the correct classification and many were surprised.

                To me this article is pretty interesting because it deals with an animal that even scientists barely know its existence. I find it fascinating that we know so little about an animal like this whale. Especially because it's a whale; it's big. This goes to show that there are still things out there that science has yet to find. What will be next? This is a question that keeps me interested in science.

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the ocean is o big it is impossible to know every single species that lives. this is really cool it has to best feeling to find a new species. it is incredible that 2102 still we are clueless of our surroundings. it is definitely cool that they found this new species of whales. i don't know if you have ever seen river monster on animal planet, but on one episode he actually found a new species of fish that no one else though existed.

It is amazing how much we still don't know about our planet. The marine world is even less known because of the vast size and the inability to reach many locations. I was reading this National Geographic article about how little of the seafloor we actually have mapped out, with most of it being classified military information. If we haven't even discovered majority of the seafloor, imagine how many more underwater critters (and monsters) may still be undiscovered at this time.

Wow. I know scientist are finding new species and investigating more little known species every day. But I always felt like pretty much all the big animals have been discovered except for "mythical" ones like he loch ness monster and such. You never really hear about animals like this being discovered. It's always like a new species of beetle in the rain forest or something. This just definitely goes out there to show that there is a lot more out there than we know about. You said that they were found in 2010 so I wonder what kinds of research have been done on these specimen. It would be interesting to see whether or not they found any evidence from these specimen as to where the rest of this obvious tiny population of whales might be and how they live.

I was actually watching the series planet earth and I remember it saying that we have only discovered something like 2.5% of our ocean, that in its self is mind blowing. I truly believe Nessie the "Dread" Loch Monster(LOL) has got to be out there somewhere. I just really hope that the cause of these new creatures washing up on shore is not because of climate change, pollution etc. and rather due to natural causes. Also it would be interesting to know what they found in the Whales stomach and if it is similar to other Whales diets.

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