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exercise.gif                As an avid gym goer, I love the benefits from working out. From the good feeling you get after a good, hard workout, to the awesome results. The gym is often the place I go to relieve stress and even boredom. Good health is important to me. I believe working out or exercising in some way is essential to living a long, healthy life. Scientists at the National Cancer Institute have stated that leisure-time physical activity could potentially increase your life by 4.5 years regardless of your current weight.

                A study was conducted using data from over 650,000 adults around the age of 40. The recommended time spent per week doing physical activity varies. The Department of Health says that people between 18 and 64 should have 2.5 hours per week of moderate physical activity or 1.25 hours of vigorous activity. The study found that those who got the recommended amount of physical activity lived about 3.4 years longer. Along with this, the people that got double the recommended time added 4.2 years to their life expectancy.

                You can see, the more activity the better. Even the people who couldn't get all of the recommended hours but managed to get some averaged 1.8 years added. The study also found that current weight did not play a role. The results were the same. More activity leads to a longer life.

                This study shows the importance of staying active. It shows that the more active you are the longer your life expectancy. With this, do you think that there is a cut-off point? By that I mean there has to be a point where the number of hours per week won't result in any more years added on.

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Going to the gym is a healthy life style and it is common sense that exercising will help you to lose weight. It is really interesting to know that exercising can actually increase your life span. My grandfather wrestled most of his life and still continued to work out into his early 70s. He lived until he was 84 so I guess that is proof that regular exercise can increase your life span!

I would agree with you. My grandfather is in his 70s and is extremely active. I have great aunts in their 90s who still exercise. Exercise and bing active is defintely key. What did you think about my question in the blog on the cut off point?

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