Meth Could Help During Flu Season?


Methamphetamine is a widely used and extremely addictive recreational drug. Used by around 30 million people around the world, it has some pretty nasty effects. Its been shown to cause irreversible damage to blood cells in the brain, strokes, and even cardiac arrest. So its some pretty nasty stuff. However, some researchers in Taiwan might have found that there is one positive thing: it fights influenza.

"The researchers obtained human lung epithelial cells, which line the surface of the lungs. These were then exposed to methamphetamine in varying quantities before being exposed to influenza A. This is the type that often cause epidemics and pandemics of respiratory illnesses. After 30 to 48 hours, the researchers had found that the meth-exposed cells had far fewer influenza viruses left alive, compared to the control group of regular human lung epithelial cells. And the more meth used, the less the virus reproduced."

This does not mean we should all start doing Meth during flu season though. It just shows that there might be positive medical uses for illegal drugs that were previously thought only negative. We have already seen that Marijuana is used in medicine now to assist cancer patients. Could Methamphetamine yield a strong solution towards influenza? Is there a future for illicit drugs in medicine? I guess we will see.


As an avid Breaking Bad fan, I had to read your blog! This makes sense because drugs like Sudafed can be used to make meth and are now behind the counter for this reason. However, I think that drugs such as meth, cocaine, heroin, etc. cause way too many deaths with overdoses and cause way too many harmful side effects to ever be considered even medically legal. You make the comparison to Cannabis and how that was a once universally illegal drug, that is now medically legal and even completely legal in some states. However, cannabis has never caused a death due to an overdose and the side effects are few to none. This is a drug that is grown from the ground and no chemical alterations are made to it, unlike the drugs stated above. It has also been proven to help with treatment of cancer, MS, and other central nervous system diseases that are much more serious then the flu. There are plenty of medications out there that cure the flu, not to mention the flu vaccine. Unless scientists figured out a way to just get the part that kills the flu virus out of meth, I don't think the legalization of meth will ever happen.

Another popular drug being checked out for its health benefits is Salvia. Its effects on alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, stress, indigestion, and chronic pain are all being looked into by scientists. A mild hallucinogen it is defined not as a recreational drug but a psychedelic spiritual experience and is legal in some states in the US. Unlike meth however, salvia is a more natural substance much like marijuana that doesn't nearly have the effects of "hard drugs." Its future looks bright in the medical field as early tests have returned positive results. Beyond Meth, Marijuana, and Salvia have any other drugs had health benefits when used in moderation?

I don't think that something as mild as the flu will warrant the legalization of meth no matter the amount. The medical community is taking baby steps with marijuana for more serious ailments. I think meth for influenza is pushing it.

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