Male Birth Control?

For many years women have expressed how unfair it is that there is no male birth control. Why should women be the only ones responsible for controlling pregnancy, when its takes both to have intercourse? Well ladies, I am happy to announce that scientists are close to releasing a birth control for males called JQ1, which would change the future of contraption forever. The pill has been tested on mice and determined successful and safe, however, more studies must be completed before the pill can be released to the public. It is important to note that the fertility of the mice after being taken off the medication as not affected, similar to the female birth control pill.

The way the pill works is, it blocks the essential protein needed to create sperm in the testicles. Some journalists  believe men will find this emasculating, but others argue that newer generations will welcome the extra protection. More than a third of pregnancies are unintended, and the number of contraceptive options for males is very low, so the sooner the pill is unveiled, the better for all parties involved.


I recently had a conversation similar to this with my friends. We were wondering why there was a birth control medicine for females and not males. I am curious to know if this pill would be something that males would take every day like females. This new unique idea could cause some controversy. I know as a male I would be a little reluctant to take something that could possible cause me to become infertile. Especially if it was only tested on animals and not humans. Anytime a new drug is introduced that has such a large effect, it seems like the public is a little reluctant without real world long term effects. Overall I find this very fascinating and if there are not negative health effects I believe it could be very beneficial. Anything to diminish the amount of unwanted pregnancies, especially with todays youth.

Will males ever get an injectable birth control shot? Would that be more effective than taking a pill? Personally, I am all for the idea for male birth control, because then it would put less responsibility on women to remember to take the pill every day, and keep backup condoms in case they forget to take a dose. Would men have to take it on a daily basis as well for the best efficacy? Also, since women have a week's worth of placebo pills, would there be something like that for the men, or not because they do not have to deal with a menstrual cycle?

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