Lying May Not Grow Your Nose, But It HeatsIt Up


thermo nose.jpg                I would bet that everyone has heard the story of Pinocchio. I mean who hasn't. He lies and his nose gets bigger and bigger with every lie. When I was little, my mom used to tell me that if I lied, my nose would get big just like Pinocchio. For some dumb reason, I almost always believed her and told the truth. Looking back at it now, she was the one lying about my nose getting bigger. Was she actually lying though?

                Scientist have found that when a person lies, the temperature of his/her nose is affected. When you lie the temperature of your nose rises. That's crazy right? Maybe mom wasn't wrong after all. When we lie, the temperature around our eyes and nose rise due to the anxiety form the lying.

                The study was conducted at the University of Granada using thermography. The heat sensors in the cameras pick up and display the body temperature throughout different parts of the body. It takes mental effort to lie, and when mental effort is used, facial temperatures fluctuate. Scientists noticed that when a person lies that the area, specifically around the nose, rises in temperature. Studies were also done on both men and women. The results are the same. To me I find it interesting that specifically around the nose temperature rises. I would have guessed that your body temperature everywhere rises because I sweat sometimes when I lie.

                The study also shows that thermography can be used sexually. Scientists found that both men and women become "happy" or "turned on" at the same time. Insula, an element of the brain, is released when we lie about feelings. Insula and body temperature go hand and hand when we lie. When we lie our temperature around our nose increases and the insula is released to regulate the increase in temperature.

                Your nose may not grow like Pinocchio when you lie, but it certainly heats up. Could thermography be implemented in today's law enforcement system? Maybe it could replace a lie detector test more accurately.

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Picture from: with credit to University of Granada


This article was amazing. I knew someday this type of thing would pop up and it did. I have to relate back to the end where you pose the question about law enforcement. With the crazy security risks all across the globe these days, this new technology could definitely aid in assisting government security members in their daily jobs. Imagine if instead of having to go to a private screening room at an airport after being labeled a red flag, they just ask you a question in the baggage checking area (the same location where they do body scans) and solve the issue right then and there. If you remain calm, cool, blue, and collected then you can go on your way. However if your nose lights up like Rudolph then maybe you got flagged for a reason, and then they can go take you behind closed doors to investigate further.

This could also be used at customs. When they ask you if your trip was business or pleasure, if you have anything to declare. This could help customs agents nail drug smugglers and those doing illegal activities.

I think one of the biggest applications of this new technology and software could be at airports. I wander how cheap it is too install? This seems to me like a great way of securing our boarders and keeping our citizens safe!

Lie detection is something that I find really interesting. It is really cool how technology has advanced to the point where they can detect a lie simply from heat sensors. Since Thermography can be used to detect lying, happiness and and getting turned on it is a great device for the police department. Cops would be able to have a new form and of a lie detector and also help to solve rape cases as well. If we have come so far as to heat detecting lies, it is unimaginable as to where we will be ten years from now.

I agree with you guys. Science has come a long way and so has technology. I can't wait to see what the future holds in these ares. I think that they already use thermo. at our borders and in some air ports.I feel like it woould be fairly inexpensive to install also.

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