Killer Heels!

high heels.jpg   Let's face it ladies, high heels are the perfect cherry on top to any great outfit, and the boys just can't get enough of them! There's something about a great pair of 6-inch walkers that just gives you this boost of confidence when you walk into a room (if you know how to walk in heels). As women, we go through literally hell and back when it comes to stilettos, and it can either be our best friend or worst nightmare. It can be the perfect jewel that grabs the attention of that guy you've been eyeing all night, or the shoe that sets you apart from every other girl in the room. 
         But let's be real, you know how they say the prettiest people do the ugliest things? Well yeah, that goes for high heels as well. Those things can be so painful that it's scary! I remember one night I went out with my friends in New York and forgot to throw a pair of comfy flat shoes in my purse (big mistake), that was probably one of the worst nights of my life.
          My feet felt like they had been run over by tractor trailers ALL night. They were hurting so bad to the point that I had to take my heels NEW YORK we all know that is one of the dirtiest places ON EARTH! (Trust me; I scrubbed the living day lights out of my feet when I got home). Do we know what we are actually doing to our feet by wearing such high heels? 
pain of high heels.JPG
       According to wearing high heels changes the bio-mechanics of walking and can have an impact on the entire structure of the foot and the relationship of the knee to the ankle, as well as your lower back. Here are a few tips from that you can use to minimize the damage caused from your killer heels! 

 1. Buy shoes that fit! Sounds like a no-brainer, but most women wear shoes at least a half a size too small. Measure your feet every time you buy shoes, even just a few extra pounds can make your shoe size larger. Remember that the number is just a suggestion, different brands can size completely differently. 

2. Wear a wider shoe than you think you need. The shoe is not going to stretch that much when you "break it in". Most women also buy their shoes too narrow! 

3. Always buy shoes in the afternoon or at the end of the day. Your feet swell throughout the day, so you will get a better, realistic fit if you buy in the afternoon. 

4. Buy leather shoes, not synthetics. Leather is more forgiving.

5. Beware of the pointy-toed, high heeled shoe! These are a double-whammy! Try to avoid the severe point and go for more of a taper or square toe box. 

6. If you have bunions and hammertoes, a silicone protective sleeve can help your pain from rubbing in your shoes. Make sure your toe box is wide enough to accommodate the padding.

      Is it really worth it to go through the pain of high heels? Can you handle giving your killer heels a break for a while?


I found your post to be extremely interesting! I did a blog on heels and women and their health risks for the last blogging period and learned a lot! Heels (when worn for long periods of time) can mess up your feet and cause unpleasant bunions, can cause the curvature in your lower back to temporarily be affected, can cause knee issues, and many other things. Heels are adorable and make women feel all dressed up, but the health risks that come with them are insane. I liked all of your tips! But I can definitely handle saying goodbye to my killer heels for a while. I wonder how models handle wearing heels all the time... This article was actually an interesting article I cam across which asked the same question as yourself, are the heels worth it?

I do love shoes, and high heels are so pretty. My mother has worn high heels almost every day for the past 30 years, but she never complains or has feet injuries, and has perfect posture. I wonder if wearing heels is something the body needs to get use to or form into to avoid the awful outcomes. I wonder if it's just a matter of time for the body to get used to the differnt feeling and height. I usually don't wear heels because they hurt and it takes a lot more strength to hold yourself up. Could it be because gravity might have a bigger impact on someone in heels or is taller. Since we are not at that height in heels, it is definatly going to be an awkward stage because we aren't use to that height. Although I'd still wear heels on those special nights because "beauty is pain".

Trust me! I know the feeling! This is pretty much the story of my life but luckily not in New York but in State College. I don't understand why we scrutinize ourselves to those painful stilettos but I can't help it because they're so cute! Yes, our posture is altered when wearing heels but have you considered other long term effects or dangers wearing heels often can cause? It can cause permanent and long term bad posture, joint damage,and strained muscles! Killer shoes can be killer dangerous!

I came across with this picture( It showed seven different cm for heels. It seems like 8 to 10om are the best look. I could even feel the pain just by looking at the pictures. I got to wonder when they started to where these heels and why we desire the looks of high heeled women. As the story goes, it is assumed that its history dates back to Egyptians and Greek era. Some says by wearing heels, it "makes women taller, high heels force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward, thus accentuating the female form".
I guess it takes pain to be beautiful.

I thought this post was very hilarious, and being from New York City, I’ve seen worse! If you were in Manhattan, that is definitely not a place you would want to be walking barefoot, not because it’s dirty but because the city is ALWAYS crowded, and chances are you WILL step in something!

I think the idea that wearing high heels changes the bio-mechanics of walking makes a lot of sense. It’s similar to the idea of someone bending a straw. Eventually, the straw will change shape. From the picture you included, I also noticed that posture is affected by wearing high heels. Personally speaking, my posture isn’t great and wearing heels makes my posture worse. Because my feet hurt sooooo bad by the end of the night, I don’t stand fully upright.

What do you think of shoes that are designed to improve posture? Do you think they can actually restore posture after someone already doesn’t stand up straight or hunches over?

I agree with this post so much! High heels are so bad for your body, posture, and feet but as a short girl (5"1) I can't bring myself to go out without heels or wedges.
But, going with the "prettiest people do the ugliest things", have you seen models and ballerinas feet? Their feet are so deformed from wearing heels or standing on their toes so much.

I try to wear sneakers a lot during the weekdays to kind of balance out me wearing heels on the weekend. I hope that's good enough for my feet!

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