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Everyone has heard of them as being the best car out there, mainly cause of gas prices. Hybrids are sweeping the nation, but are we really doing better for our environment by using them, or are they doing more harm than good?

According to The Week, the worst part of hybrids is their production process. In the process of making the batteries, a lot of carbon emissions are produced. And, compared to a normal car with one battery, hybrids need many. This being said, however, when they are actually running they emit way less, and if a better way of producing the batteries can be found, they really will be healthier for the environment.

However, you can find a link on this page that proves otherwise. While those emissions may be bad, in the long run hybrid cars really do save quite a bit of the environment. In fact, the website states that the fuel savings you get outweigh the emissions by quite a bit.

Is it worth it still to buy these cars though? I thought they were expensive, but again, I was proved wrong. They are reasonably priced, and continue to drop as they become even more of "old news".

Should we be more careful with the battery production? Is there any form of more efficient way to produce these batteries that make hybrids truly environmentally safe?

I hope so, because the Honda Civic hybrid is on the top of my wishlist; saving the planet is up there, too.


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I absolutely love cars for their performance and am a big fan of F1 racing and for that reason was absolutely against buying an hybrid car. That was until I drove my friends Lexus. One reason I thought hybrids were not worth buying were because of the performance issues that would crop up in a hybrid car but turns out they actually perform as well as a petrol car and are just below a diesel car in performance. Also hybrids have the added advantage of switching over to a mainstream fuel source if need be so that makes them more reliable. Another reason why I love cars is the status symbol attached to them. With BMW coming out with its new i5 hybrid car which looks really cool and futuristic and Tesla becoming the new style symbol I dont think that argument is valid anymore. Plus the way it works, the engine and the way the old reliance on pistons is being changed is really cool. This is a really informative article here.http://auto.howstuffworks.com/hybrid-car1.htm

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Everyone has heard of them as being the best car out there, mainly cause of gas prices. Hybrids are sweeping…
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