How similar is your nose to Pinocchio's?


A new research claims that your nose tends to heat up when you are telling a lie, closely related to Pinocchio's nose that grew when he told a lie.  Psychology researches from the  University of Granada in Spain used thermography to study the temperature of people's faces in experiments. They found several ideas about the temperature on people's faces.  One idea was that a face temperatures drop when a person is performing a difficult mental task and it rises when a person has high anxiety. The insula is a part of the brain that deals with consciousness and the detection and regulation of body temperature. Researchers believe that lying increases the activity in the insula, causing the facial region to become warmer.  Thermography is a pretty recent way used to test these kinds of emotions. 

Researchers also explain how when highly empathic people see a person getting an electric shock in the forearm, they can experience an increase in the temperature in their forearm as if feeling the other persons pain. Another way thermography can be used for is calling out a drunk because when a person is drunk the nose and mouth regions are warmer compared with the forehead.  It is interesting to see what new technology can be used for and maybe thermography will become the new polygraph?

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