How Do We Control Food Cravings?

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After learning about the addicting qualities of  food cravings, I began to look for ways to control your cravings and not let them control you. Several sources have given some advice on when you should give into your cravings and how you should do it.

According to this article studies have been done across the country on the addicting qualities of sugars and fats. At Penn State there rats who are hooked on Crisco and experience symptoms withdrawal like a drug addict would after going as little as 24 hours without it. To avoid that happening to us here are some tips in keeping cravings under control

1. Do not deprive yourself of foods you are craving. According to this Washington Post article depriving yourself of certain foods can lead to a greater kick back and you'll end up bingeing on those foods instead of enjoying them in moderation. Instead watch your portion size and eat very small amounts of the foods you crave.

2. Try a healthy alternative. Often time we crave "something sweet" or "something salty" and the first thing we do is reach for a cupcake or chocolate bar or bag of chips. Instead try something like yogurt or dried fruit or pickles if you are looking for salty. 

3. Don't keep the foods you crave inside the house. When these foods are in the house, it is much harder to resist them than if they weren't there to begin with. Especially since giving into your cravings every single time can lead to a higher threshold, keeping these foods around you could mean that it will take more and more of that food to satisfy you the next time the craving comes around.

4. Wait! Cravings tend to be pretty transient and so by waiting for 20 to 30 minutes to indulge  you may be able to outlast your craving. Many times people end up not having the urge to eat that food anymore after waiting and this can save you extra calories without you feeling like you have deprived yourself by saying no.

Do you have any other ideas on how to manage food cravings?


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Shanielle I am happy you asked. I happen to have a number of ways I like to deal with food cravings. First off I would like to mention kale. Kale is amazing, it is the new superfood of our generation. If you haven't tried kale yet you are missing out. You can add it as a side to any meal, or even bake kale chips in your oven. Kale chips are so good, they can replace any craving you may ever get for a salty snack. Why is this you ask? Because you can bake them in the oven and add salt according to your own salty desires.

Good things about kale are that it is:
-High in fiber
-High in iron
-High in Vitamin K, A & C
-Great anti-inflammatory
-High in antioxidants

I have to also agree with what you said about cravings. I have found waiting for a good amount of time before turning to a food source is an excellent way to curb your appetite.

Another trick I know of is to have a full glass or bottle of water. If you have water then wait some time, you may see you aren't even hungry.

Another trick I know is to wait to your stomach starts growling. At that point you know you are probably famished and should immediately ingest food in to your system. Just be careful though, because this trick is not for the weak minded or feint of heart. Don't go passing out on me because you think a diet of starvation is going to work for you. It will just leave you exhausted, mentally unprepared, and probably in a hospital.

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