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Whenever I have a headache my mom always tells me to take an Advil and drink a cup of tea or coffee. This never made much sense to me but it always helped me feel better. Caffeine is actually a drug, one that is very addictive if taken too often much like any other drug. But if you have caffeine in small dosages it can have a positive outcome.

Sometimes taking an Advil is not enough to get rid of that pounding headache that seems impossible to go away. Caffeine is naturally found in coffee, chocolate, and tea. It is also added to things such as soda, pain relievers, and cold medicines. Adding caffeine to pain relievers and headache medicines make them 40% more effective. So taking less medicine and adding a cup of coffee for example could not only help your headache go away but also aid the person in avoiding side effects from taking too much medicine and in a worst case scenario avoid a drug addiction.


Caffeine, whether found in chocolate or coffee, helps make the most intense headaches: migraines, go away also. Everyone's migraines / headaches are different and cause different pains and have different effects on that individuals body. For most people though, the easiest and cheapest cure to a headache would simply be a cup or two of coffee.


Really a helpful blog. I was some kind rely on the medicine to calm the pain. I am easy to get headache or stomache, and I cannot overcome,so I always take medicine with caffine. While, after read your blog I was shocked to find thatthe caffeine within the chocolate and coffee can also help us. Especially when I saw the migraines will also go away by drinking coffee, because everytime when i search on the internet, almost all the article told me that, "The cause and cure for migraines are still a horrible mystery, and so the types of headaches we're talking here are the plain, run-of-the-mill variety that don't make you wish you had never been born. If you have migraines, I wish you godspeed, but I cannot help you" which will make me disappeared.
And,to have coffee or chocolate can also avoid the side effects of medicine.I could recommmened that when you feel a headache coming on, first, try drinking water — a lot of water,as well.
here is an article about how to reduce the headache,
if u'd like to read.

I though that this was a very interesting idea. I am a person who does not like taking medicine, so any alternatives are usually something I would appreciate it. However, like you said caffeine is very addictive. So, if you get used to the idea of replacing certain medicines for headaches with caffeine, could you be creating other problems simultaneously? Like this article from national geographic,, the after effects of caffeine can be very damaging if it becomes an addiction. I guess that they key is to find a perfect balance.

This article surprised me because I thought it was going to inform me about how bad caffeine is for me. I'm shocked that in small doses caffeine can actually enhance a medications effect. My mom's always told me to have a soda with my motrin/ibuprofen and such as well but I never even thought about why. Why not a glass of water? But now I understand. My mother's a nurse and I gave her a call about this and she told me that you're exactly right Hayley! Therefore I'm going to continue to take that medication with caffeinated drinks. Although I am aware that I have a pretty bad caffeine addiction so I won't really be helping to ween myself off of that by drinking caffeine constantly with motrin...

ANYWAY here's an article I found on the LIVESTRONG website about the great combination of Advil & caffeine!

I am not a person that really likes to depend on drugs. I have this theory that taking Advil, Tylenol and all those types of medicines slowly kills you. The best way I get rid of a headache is going to sleep. Every time I have a headache I just simply take a nap and when I get up, I feel like I never had a headache. Sleep is the best medicine in my opinion. We are always so on the go, especially as college students and are very sleep deprived. A lot of our headaches have to do with the fact that we don’t get enough sleep. I also find that true for my stomachaches too just going to sleep takes away the pain. I guess its because your body becomes relaxed during sleep so the muscles or what ever it is that causes the pain goes to rest too.This article list sleep, sex, water, exercise and snacking as other ways to cure headaches.

This is a great help. I have headaches all the times and never want to take medicine for it because I know that I can just get through the headache, but knowing that having a soda or coffee could help it go away will make this much better. The one thing that confuses me is that I always thought headaches were from being over stimulated, and the fact that caffeine, a stimulant, relieves headaches seems backwards. I was wondering what you though about this? Is it that it stimulates the brain in the right way, or is there another cause for headaches that makes caffeine helpful?

I get headaches pretty often, and i usually just use Advil or a similar pain reliever to make them go away. Caffeine definitely might be a more natural way for my to try. While looking further into this I found that the over use of medication in treating headaches can cause you to get "rebound headaches" that come back after the medication wears off. It sounds like a vicious cycle that medication can
t really help. Maybe drinking caffeinated tea to cure headaches instead of medication can help reduce the chances of rebound headaches?

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