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Growing up I always remember my father putting honey in his coffee every morning. I was always under the assumption he did this simply because he enjoyed the taste. However, I came down with the cold that went around campus recently and he kept telling me, " you need to eat honey it will cure you and keep you from being sick!" Well feeling like complete crap I was willing to try anything so I started to add honey to my coffee in the mornings and take a big spoonful at night. In about 24 hours I felt like I was completely back to normal.


I was not prepared to completely write off honey as natures wonder food. There are tones of other explanations for my quick recovery but I decided this was something worth looking into.

It does seem that honey has loads of health benefits associated with its consumption. When bees add the honey to their nest, it leave traces of propolis or sometimes called bee glue. Bees use this substance as an adhesive to construct their hives. The propolis also acts as a barrier, protecting the hive from harmful bacteria and microorganisms. This propolis has a similar effect inside your body, fighting harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Other substances in honey have been found to prevent cancer and the formation of tumors! Some of these substances include caffeic acid methyl caffeate, phenylethyl caffeate, and phenylethyl dimethylcaffeate ( The only issue is that the concentration of many of these helpful substances diminishes greatly after the honey is heated during the processing phase. They are at their greatest concentration in fresh honey.

Penn State college of Medicine conducted a study with 105 children who had upper respiratory infections. They wanted to test if honey was an effective replacement for dextromethorphan (cough suppressant). The first night none of the children received any form of treatment. Scientists then had parents give their children a nighttime dose of honey, honey flavored dextromethorphan, or nothing at all. The parents then rated the past 24 hours in terms of frequency of the child's cough, the severity of the cough, amount of sleep for child, and amount of sleep for parent.

The researchers found that there were significant symptom improvements for those given a dose of honey and the commercial cough suppressant. Honey exhibited similar improvements to the commercial medicine. Who isn't looking for a natural substitution for medicines? Especially for very young children who are not supposed to receive over the counter cough medicines.

Perhaps there is some merit behind this belief that honey can have great health benefits. So the next time you want to grab some sugar to sweetener your coffee, try a healthier choice, Honey! 


Something similar happened to me. At a young age my mom gave me honey to stop a wicked cough I had because we didn't have any cough medicine, and the honey worked perfectly! Whether or not the honey actually made it better is debatable, but hey, it seems to work! Apparently honey may also be able to be used to treat wounds, such as burns, limits the scarring, and helps wounds stay uninfected. Honey has also been used successfully to treat diabetic ulcers. For more, check out this Wikipedia page:

I find that when I get a sore throat, or start to cough, a nice spoonful of honey followed by some warm water with lemon helps me out a lot. I've seen cough medicines in stores that has honey in it, such as this medicine by Vicks.
Of course, is honey safe for infants under a year old to have? Or is it better to have them cough instead of giving them honey? Also, why is it that honey is made from pollen, when so many people are allergic to it, but when they have some, they have no allergic reaction?

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