Good News For The People Who Suffered From Romnesia

Yeah I'm still gloating. Deal with it. He lost. A study  in mice found that a new experimental drug, using an anti-body known as mE8, found that it removed as much as half of the amyloid-beta in the brain, a plaque that is in part responsible for people developing alzheimer's. I liked this study because my great-grandmother has been developing alzheimer's and its gotten so bad that she was just put in a home less than 2 months ago. This is drug is important because it could be particularly beneficial for people in the later stages because they have a greater build up of plaque in the brain.

The experiment is not without its critics however. According to neuropathologist Rudolph Castellani another antibody, called bapineuzumab, had similar affects to mE8 but was ultimately dropped. This being that while the antibody removed plaque build up, it caused blood vessels in the person's brain to bleed and inhibited other mental faculties. However, because the study with the mE8 antibody hasn't had enough time to observe all its effects, maybe we shouldn't assume the same thing will happen just yet.What do you think? Should this study be disregarded or do we need to wait and see if there ends up being a noticeable change in behavior without having detrimental side effects like there were with bapineuzumab?'s-like_deposits_in_mice


Dylan, I know how you must be feeling. And to be frank, I am really upset Obama is still in office. He did not deserve another four years. Wanna meet on the playground and settle this like men? Just kidding. But in all seriousness, my grandmother passed away from alzheimer's my freshman year of college here and it was very sad. You mentioned that you had to put her in a home, that must have been rough. I used to visit my grandmother in her nursing home and it is really sad seeing them every week when they have no idea who you are. In my opinion we need to devote more research money on this disease.

I have heard that marijuana greatly helps diminish the symptoms of Alzheimer's. What state did your grandmother enter a facility in? I honestly would think Washington or Colorado would be a good bet. I watched my grandmother progressively decline and it is really awful. Maybe if you place your grandmother in a state where marijuana is legalized when you go visit her she would remember you more. I was not so lucky with my grandma.

I think we do need to see how it affects people over more time and we should definitely be looking into this more. It is so sad what people go through and you feel so helpless because there is nothing we can do, but this could turn out to be helpful and we should really look into it.

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