Global Warming, is it a myth?

Weather and climate are difficult topics to tackle when it comes to understanding them. In the past decade or so, weather has become slightly more erratic and even more difficult to get a handle on. Now, could this be due to global warming? It very well could be.

In the the past couple of years, the average temperature on Earth has increased by around 2 degrees Fahrenheit. This may not seem like a big deal at all but it is actually quite significant. This increase in temperature alters climate, weather and precipitation. However, the most important factor is how the ice caps are melting due to an increase in temperature.

But is this due to man-made efforts or is it because of the Earth's natural climate cycle? This is a question that is rather difficult to answer. Clearly pollution from human activities is not healthy for the environment, but is it enough to alter the Earth's behavior.?

I believe that our actions have impacted the Earth in a negative way. With an astronomical increase in population causing an increased demand for produced good around the globe, the Earth has never seen something like this before. Through carbon emissions and other harmful gases in the air, I believe the ozone layer has been becoming toxic for years and in effect has brought upon global warming on this planet. What do you guys think?



Global warming is a really scary side effect causing damage to the earth. I believe that global warming does exist and we have to do something to help. I wonder, if they temperature keeps rising and ice caps are melting, will the world eventually flood? It is very scary to think about. All I know is that we need to help the earth and keep global warming from happening!

Reading this blog I started thinking of the conversations I have had with my friends about this topic, and while I agree that humans played some role in damaging the o-zone and what has become known as global warming, I also knew about the weather cycles that earth has gone through since it was created. A very interesting article, published in March of this year in Forbes, states that the earth is actually cooling! How can this be? Well according to Dr. Don Easterbrook, there have been at least 40 of these climate cycles over the past 500 years, and this supposed cold cycle will last another decade or two! What do you think, is the earth really cooling? is that possible? How come everybody else is seemingly saying the opposite?

Here is a link to that article:

Thanks for asking my opinion Daniel, you posed a very good question posed quite eloquently indeed. I will not get in to the, "Is global warming real," debate because I believe that to be a political topic and I despise talking politics with friends and classmates. I will however refer you to this site Al Gore I believe answers all of the questions about global warming. I don't necessarily think everything he says is true. This issue is a very touchy one, and I think it is best we look at the cold hard facts.

The world is undoubtedly getting hotter. If you use State College as our population sample just look at the weather here. Every winter I have been at this school has been milder and milder. I remember it was snowing my Freshman year for Halloween! We haven't had snow stick once this entire year, and it's already December. With the world becoming increasingly industrialized the emissions we put in to the air are getting worse. America has laws that say how much a factory and pollute. In countries like China are beginning to pollute in to the earth more and more. With this major increase in pollution we are virtually baking our planet. Our seasons are becoming weird. They aren't the clear cut;
Fall-September, October, November
Winter-Decemeber, January, February
Spring-March, April, May
Summer-June, July, August
...that we are used to. This raises serious problems for everyone. The world has food shortages as is, people in Africa and India have no clean water and toilets.

One of the biggest effects I see from global warming are in our oceans. When you have fish dying and water levels rising, it changes up the whole game. This issue can not be taken lightly, and frankly are government should be doing more.

That is why I believe education is a huge problem in America. We need more scientists and engineers in our government and in our schools. They are the ones who can crack and solve the problems, not lawyers and business minded people.

If we all do a little bit each day we can save the world and stop global warming. To answer Jessica's question, the whole world won't eventually flood, but you will see coastal cities have huge problems and yes, potentially being overrun by water.

I am going to start building an ark if things get worse. Who's coming with me?

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