"Get Drunk Not Fat" This Holiday Season


"Get Drunk, Not Fat" This Holiday Season


As we all know, the holiday season is full of good food, and as you can tell from looking through other blogs posts, people are concerned about eating healthy during the holidays. But eating healthy isn't the only thing we should be concerned about; alcoholic drinks are sure to be plentiful, and they are a quick way to ruin your diet.


To remain healthy this season, it is important to choose drinks that have a higher number of calories from alcohol rather than fillers - this way, it won't take as many drinks to get that buzz you want and your calories will remain limited. The website Get Drunk Not Fat lists alcohols in order of their "calories from alcohol." For example, pure ethanol derives 100% of its calories from alcohol (this obviously cannot be consumed, but is used for comparison reasons). The chart also includes the number of calories in each drink.


As you may have guessed, light beers have the fewer calories then heavier beers. The beers with the fewest calories include: Molson Canadian 67 (67 calories), Miller Genuine Draft 64 (64 calories), Bud Select 55 (55 calories), etc.


But what about hard liquors? What mixed drinks have the least chance of sabotaging our diets? A list of the nine healthiest alcoholic drinks lists vodka and soda water as the healthiest mixed drink. Vodka averages about 96 calories per 1.5 ounces and soda water has no calories.


Another, more fun, low-cal drink is champagne. And with New Years Coming, what better way to drink in the New Year than with some bubbly? A 4 ounce glass of champagne is just 85 calories.


But the key thing to remember is that you should always drink responsibly. If you keep your holiday drinking to a moderate level, your diet shouldn't get too off track.


When it comes to food AND drinks this holiday season, everything is okay in moderation. J



Ok, you win at blogging.

Now for the rebuttal part of my post. Unfortunately, I do not agree with light beer being a better alternative. When you look at light beer their alcohol content is significantly lower than their counterpart for only a few calorie loss. A good example is Yeungling light has 124 calories while I believe the normal one has around 140. Now the light version is around 3.8% alcohol by volume where the normal is almsost 6%.

If you are looking to "get your buzz on" I'd suggest distilling rubbing alcohol and having a merry christmas.

Beer Calorie Chart

As I attempt to get some blogging done, I wasted 20 minutes reading through your two sources! This was a very interesting topic considering most college kids would do anything to get in great shape, but still be able to drink. You talk about drinking and doing anything in moderation is good, and I agree. If you can refocus your drinks to those that scored an A+ or A or the sources site, you will be better off. Drinkin 1-2 drinks a day is fine, but you can save them up for the weekend according to: http://www.military.com/military-fitness/workouts/beer-and-fitness-can-it-be. But hey, its the holidays. ENJOY!

This was actually extremely helpful because I do enjoy a nice drink over the Holidays but I'm always concerned with the amount of calories I'm consuming. I also agree with what Shields said about the light beer having a lower alcohol content, but this only creates a significant difference depending on how drunk the person is trying to get. If they are drinking just for enjoyment then I suggest the light beer! Also since you spoke about drinks only, I though it would be appropriate to suggest a website that provides delicious low calorie holiday recipes. http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus/recipe_slideshows/low_calorie_holiday_recipes?slide=1#leaderboardad

Around the holiday season, many people decide to make New Year's resolutions in order to make them a better person. Much of the time, people make their resolutions about eating better, making them a better person. So in the rare cases where people go through with their new healthy lifestyles, find themselves paying attention to what they eat and completely disregarding the weight that can be put on due to beverages. This blog brings up an awareness to diet, but focuses on drinks over food. The one question I have is how would you recommend to blend food and alcoholic drinks because it is unhealthy to drink on an empty stomach.

Although I think that it is smart to rationalize how to consume calories, that method might not work well because when people drink alcohol, they also tend to eat more. I found an article that talks about how scientists used to think that getting more hungry while drinking alcohol is a myth, however that has changed.

Hannah raises a very interesting point. If you are trying to get buzzed without consuming so many calories, that is possible. But, the appetite that comes along with drinking alcohol might raise a bigger problem. Alcohol has a lot of carbs and when you drink it, those carbs turn to sugar in your body which raises your blood sugar level. Then, your body releases more insulin to lower your blood sugar level. Your body now asks itself why the blood sugar suddenly went down and wants to get your blood sugar level back up, so it sends hunger pangs. If you drink in moderation however, you probably won't get these hunger pangs.. so you'll save calories from drinking less and not getting so hungry!


I think your last point was probably the most important one that you made in your entire blog so I thought I would expand on that. One of the most important eating tips to maintain your current weight, or to even lose weight, is to eat and drink everything in moderation. Moderation is the key. Instead of eating 20 chicken nuggets, eat 6. I found an article on Livestrong about the importance of moderation. Also, another really important factor to not gaining weight over the holidays is to not eat, or drink, after you are full. Your body's mechanism to give you the "full" sensation is your body's way of telling you to stop eating or drinking because you are going beyond what your body deems as necessary. The most difficult part about this, is that it takes approximately 20 minutes for your stomach to register that it is full. When you shotgun three beers, or eat half of a holiday ham in 10 minutes, you are not giving your body sufficient time to register that it is full. This article has tips on how to better read your stomach.

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