Gene can determine your future?


             Have you ever heard of nature vs. nurture? This debate is one of the oldest issues in psychology. The debate centers on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance and environmental factors to human development. In my personal view, the environmental factors may be much more important, however, according to many studies, the genetic in heritance is more vital.


            As Steven Pinker said that, "Many properties of the brain are genetically organized, and don't depend on information coming in from the senses."  An article published on the British "Daily Mail" showed the study of University of Edinburgh in UK study which suggests, gene plays an important role in people's determination, sociability, self-control and sense of purpose and other traits influence over the family upbringing and her fellow. These factors can affect a person's success. The study of 800 twins' attitude to life in the same environment, will be genetically identical monozygotic twins and gene are not identical in dizygotic twins were compared, finally found genes plays the role which is more important than lifestyle.

            However, there are still some questions about this experiment, such as whether the twins are identical or not.  If ''identical'' twins were truly identical even when reared in widely differing environments, a strong case could be made for the conclusion that their development is not affected by the differences in environment. But even identical twins reared together may differ, sometimes a little, sometimes markedly.  So, the result of this experiment remains uncertain and may also due to the chance.twins.jpg

            Also, from 1970-1980, a large number of Korean-American children were placed for adoption by an agency which assigned them at random to adoptive families. That meant that any correlation between characteristics of the families, such as maternal education, socio-economic status, or income, and characteristics of the children as adults, would be due to environment not genetics. By comparing the strength of the relation between characteristics of parents and adoptive children with the corresponding figure for parents and biological children raised by those parents, one can get at least some estimate of how much of the relation comes from which cause.The conclusion is striking. An increase of one year in maternal education produces an increase of only .07 years in the education of an adoptive child but an effect four times as large on the education of a biological child. Similar results apply to a variety of other characteristics. It looks as though being brought up by well off or well education parents is indeed an advantage, but a considerably smaller advantage than being the biological child of such parents. This would mean that shared family effects on personality are zero by adulthood. As is the case with personality, non-shared environmental effects are often found to out-weigh shared environmental effects.

            Though in a new study, Reinmar Hager and Jason Wolf at the Faculty of Life Sciences together with their collaborator James Cheverud at St Louis have shown how maternal environment can affect how genes are expressed, influencing the body weight and growth of young mice, even if they are not related to the 'mother'. In my own mind, the experiment on the real person seems more credible.

            This is quite a meaningful topic. If we can finally work out this problem, then we will know what should we focus on the development of the next generation.

            Although most of the evidence point to the fact that the nature is more significant, I am still willing to believe that through the hard-working and good education I can achieve what I want. As Thomas Edison once said that genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

Here is an website focus on this debate.

Also an video about it.




Although it is an interesting topic to discuss the intensity by which nature and nurture play a role in our development, I believe that the guy in the video puts it the best when he calls it a "dead issue." Without a doubt, both play a role in our development and they are both greatly interconnected. I think that just like anything else, there should be a balance when it comes to the emphasis that we put on nature and nurture. I think that overall, people worry too much about which is more influential and not on what they can do to improve the effects of each.

Some people say that the apple does not fall far from the tree which you can say applies to this blog. The first thing that i wanted to point out in your blog was the comprehensive study on 800 twins. In class we talk about how experiments can be interesting and such and i believe that this one was. It is hard to get that many people together and study them at a time. Although thats not very important i did find it interesting. The one problem that they say they might have come across in the experiment is that the scientists did not know if many of the twins really were identical. Because of this you can say that you cannot compare the genetic aspect in them. However at the same time i want to point out that you still can compare the nature part as most twins grow up together and under the same household. I personally don't think that there will ever be an answer to this question. Many scientists and people throughout society will always disagree on this topic no matter what a study will tell them. For all we know it could really be a combination of the two which seems most likely. As for now people will still argue about this topic.

Thank you for your comment. I can agree with your belief that according to the video, "nature vs nurture" is a dead issue. However, in my personal view, it is not the case that because it is a dead issue,it will lose its value to be discussed. On the contray,it is worth studying because of its uncertaincy.

Thank you for your comment. I can agree with your belief that according to the video, "nature vs nurture" is a dead issue. However, in my personal view, it is not the case that because it is a dead issue,it will lose its value to be discussed. On the contray,it is worth studying because of its uncertaincy.

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