If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with frozen yogurt.  I pretty much eat it every single day.  I'm addicted!  Yesterday, my friend told me some surprising news... she said that frozen yogurt helps burn tummy fat!  I really didn't believe her at all, because I always viewed it as a pretty unhealthy desert... so I decided to do a little research!  I found that frozen yogurt can actually kick start your metabolism, curb cravings, and help get rid of belly fat.  This is because it is a dairy product.  Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham did studies and saw that fat was decreased in people who ate very calcium-rich foods.  An inch of "intra-abdominal fat" was lost for every 100 mg of calcium that the subjects consumed.  For some, this 100 mg of calcium was from a half a cup of soft serve frozen yogurt.  A study done at the University of Tennessee showed that calcium triggers the body to burn fat instead of store it.  Also, frozen yogurt has protein, which helps people feel full.

Too much frozen yogurt isn't good if someone is trying to cut back on calories a lot, but a small serving for desert instead of a piece of cake will make a difference!  Other foods that help burn stomach fat are lean proteins, fruits, nuts, legumes, and other dairy products.  These include fish, almonds, berries and beans!  A high fiber diet will help burn belly fat as well because people who eat this type of diet build up less visceral fat over time.  So, I will definitely continue to eat my daily cup of frozen yogurt!  Did you guys know these great things about the desert?!  Will you eat it instead of your daily cookies now that you know it is better for you?  I'm still a little skeptical that it burns stomach fat, and I think a study should be done so there is more science to back it up.  I feel like a study like this could work... Randomly selecting 100 people all around the same age and weight who eat desert, but don't eat frozen yogurt.  Then, half the people start to eat frozen yogurt instead of their usual desert everyday.  The other half eat cookies every night for desert (servings sizes should be made so both groups are consuming the same amount of calories).  Then, after 6 months or a year, compare stomach fat between the two groups and between the individuals before and after the study.  I would love to know the results of a study like this!  Do you think a study like this could work?  Any other suggestions?




I wouldn't necessarily call the results of this study invalid, but I think in order for the results to mean more, other variables need to be controlled because as this study currently stands, it seems to suffer from the Texas sharp shooter problem. I think the most important thing that needs to be controlled for is what people eat besides the frozen yogurt or starchy foods because everything else that goes into these people's diets could very well also have an effect on the burning of fat. Also, frozen yogurt, being a dairy product, has much more nutritional value than foods like cake and cookies which are basically empty calories. The nutritional value of the frozen yogurt could promote energy that ultimate leads to fat being burned. I think this study has a lot of third variables that need to be looked at too.

I agree with Lauren when she mentions that the other variables in this experiment need to be controlled. The people in the study need to all have the same workout regimen and diet plan for the results to be more accurate. Also, I wouldn't get too carried away with the University of Alabama studied that reported "Intra-abdomen" fat loss. While the participants in this study who consumed more calcium may have lost more fat than other participants, there is no better dessert substitute for frozen yogurt or cookies than fresh fruit. Instead of replacing your daily cookies with frozen yogurt perhaps try replacing it with some pineapple or melon. These two fruits are super sweet and will satisfy your cravings! Don't believe me? Give it a try yourself and see how you feel after a couple of days.

I had never heard about the claim that frozen yogurt can actually benefit your health, and I'd be interested to see the results of an experiment like the one you described.

The important thing to remember about frozen yogurt, though, is that so many people pile on the toppings thinking that they're eating something "healthy" (or, at least, "not entirely unhealthy"). Walk into any frozen yogurt place, and you're instantly surrounded by all types of sugary candies, cookies, and chocolates (and fruit, but how many people are going to choose fruit when chunks of brownies and cheesecake are staring them down?).

That said, I'm sure eating frozen yogurt (even with some of these unhealthy add-ins) is better than a lot of other desserts because of the small amount of toppings used.

This article was very interesting. while the experiment itself may need some refining and better testing, by establishing better controls, would you consider some of the potential negative effect too much dairy has on the diet? According to this Huffington post article,, some studies have show dairy may have a negative effect on our health. It claims it has little effect on the health of our bones, can add un necessary calories, and can even hurt some peoples digestive systems. maybe an interesting approach to this would be to find out the impacts of dairy products in general ? are the really good for human consumption?

Knowing you, Megan, I am not surprised that you wrote about frozen yogurt. I too love frozen yogurt, but not half as much as you do. When you said it has health benefits and can help shed tummy fat, I was skeptical. All your evidence seems to be legitimate but I still had trouble believing that something rich in sugar can help you lose fat. I thought a little about it and came up with an idea that perhaps the people who shed belly fat are the ones who eat less healthy deserts already. They substitute a cookie or cake for frozen yogurt, which is a healthier option, and therefore consume less sugar. If people who don't usually eat desert were to start eating frozen yogurt as much as you do, they would probably gain fat because it is unhealthier than what they already consume. I like your idea for a study. I believe that would effectively measure which desert is healthier. But there should be some sort of group of people in the study who don't eat desert at all, and now start to eat frozen yogurt. That can more accurately depict if it helps burn fat or not. Thoughts?

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