Doing the Unspeakable in the Unknowable

WARNING: This blog post is not for those who get uncomfortable fast. It is about sex, and you have been warned.


Looking for topics to blog about can bring about surprising topics, especially this one which I couldn't resist looking into. The question posed is quite interesting: Is sex in space possible?
To put it short, sex in space would be awfully hard. It's no surprise that sex is a "free-for-all" topic in today's society, and finding new and interesting ways and places to participate in these activities is a common topic of discussion (somewhere in the world, certainly not among my group of friends). Thus, the belief that couples are looking for new ways to "express their love" in space is not too far fetched. As space trips for the wealthy become likelier by the day, "Sex in the Universe" author Laura Woodmansee says that couples are likely to seek new alternatives as space exploration becomes more and more likely. Thus, the posing of the question of sex in space no longer seems absolutely nuts.

There are many problems that would possibly prevent this from occurring. Obviously, gravity is not present in outer space, and that messes up a person's blood flow, which is important in sex, since that blood flow is important for a male to achieve an erection. Likewise, it is harder for other sexual fluids to reach reproductive parts, which wouldn't prevent sex necessarily, but would likely rule out reproduction in space. Additionally, sweat buildup is substantially greater in space, and that may make the physical action of sex a bit harder to achieve, as well as completely disgusting (just stating the facts, folks!). Finally, referring back to gravity, even a virgin with a TV and a set of eyes is well aware that sex is a physical action and it's not always so smooth and loving. Thus, because of the lack of gravity in space, the slightest push or pull can fling objects a good distance, which makes the actual act of sex a little more than difficult.

However, weird sex enthusiasts, there is a potential silver lining: in the same way that astronauts are able to complete routine tasks in space, sex could be possible through restraint, and not in the 50 Shades of Grey kind of way. Wearing a harness and buckling down could certainly make it possible for sex in space to occur, although that is probably not the intimacy one would want during sex. Although there is no way of proving it, it is pretty much believed that  sex has never occurred in space, and it may not for a while. For now, space exploration is used for a different advantage for us human beings: scientific discovery. Right now, NASA is not concerned with whether sex can occur in space and whether a human being could be conceived away from Earth, which would create a whole different problem: pregnancy in space.

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