does this alarm clock make me look fat?



            Sleep is a vital process for the human body: without it, humans become very physically and emotionally deprived. The technologies of this age have tried to reassure the sleeping patterns for people across the world by inventing sleep devices such as alarm clocks. But, can these apparatus drastically effect your health overall?


            While watching action news early this afternoon, an anchorwoman brought up a story similar to this topic. The report discussed how these devices can alter one's sleeping pattern and could ultimately lead to major factors such as obesity. When watching the story being talked about, I became irritated by the claims.


            The news reporter didn't have any concrete scientific evidence to support such as records of a double blind placebo trial. The reporter used an expert opinion for a rhetorical strategy but even that expert could have fabricated conclusions.


            On this same token, there was a news article published last year about this same topic. The author quotes findings, "waking up to a jolting noise can be bad for your heart. Waking up abruptly can cause higher blood pressure and heart rate." Here, according to the research, natural light is better to wake up to when sleeping. So, the author of this article suggests that an individual should not use an alarm clock and should allow natural light to come through a window in the bedroom.


            But, there is an economical factor with this. Not everyone has windows in their rooms and not everyone can afford to install a well-constructed window that would be able to refract the light in a particular fashion in order to beam down on the sleeper.


Another issue with this claim is creditability. The author claims to have evidence from the  National Institute of Industrial Health, but there is no citation or reference to researchers funding this project or no names mentioned. The author didn't just steal the information from this organization; he/she had to interview in order to discuss the research with a representative from the facility.

Additionally, there needs to be a concern with third independent variables with this study. the eating habits of the individuals can be a third variable and its just chance that the alarm clocks are in effect when these results appear if ever. 


            There is no doubt the author offers an interesting approach to more effective sleep. What would make this a better scientific claim would be to institute a random control trial where one group of people sleep with an alarm clock for consecutive weeks and another group of people sleep with natural light coming in the room. Then, the scientists can test not only their physical attributes but also their metal attributes; record their blood pressure and test their cognitive ability and compare results. 


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