Do drugs cause students to skip school, and earn low grades?


This study in particular focuses on the relationship between adolescent subcultures, drugs, and skipping school.

The study conducted by Kandel (1978), strived to demonstrate correlation between the consumption of drugs and skipping school. The Study used 8,206 random students from different public secondary schools in New York State. Surveys were giving to students in random homerooms in 13 schools and they also gave the survey to all students in five schools. The participants used in this study were all high school students, and 8,206 students where used in this research (Kandel. 1978:375-376).  The statistics for academic performance showed that students who are involved in groups who did not consume Marihuana tend to skip school, are less likely to get good grades, and are less applied in school than Students that do not use Marihuana (Kandel. 1978:380). It was discovered that 27% of students who had friends who did not use marihuana were absent 2 days or less, and 11% of students who most friends used Marihuana where absent two days or less. The research also showed that 51% of students who did not use Marihuana had an overall grade of an A or B, and students who most friends used Marihuana 41% had an overall grade of an A or B (Kandel. 1978:380).


This is an interesting blog. I think it has always been a misconception to some that kids who do drugs will miss more school, and have a generally weaker performance in school. However, as you determined, that is not the case. With that being said, i think your sample space in the survey was good enough to get a representation of the general high school public. The only problem I have is you talked about the use of drugs, yet only discussed marijuana. It would be naive for some to think that marijuana is the only drug problem that a high schooler has these days, though it is the predominant one. I think the next step is to research the findings with all drugs, and at schools in different states. Maybe this article can give us a start:

thanks for commenting and i appreciate your advice. i decided to focus only in Marihuana because is probably the most common drug for teens. there other drugs off course but i though that i would have spend more time talking about the correlations, and the effects that other drugs have on students. it would have being a pretty long paper. Thanks for the link.

This is really relatable for some people I know; my friend tends to blow off everything to go smoke with his friends and when he does, he sleeps all through the next day and has no motivation to do anything. I think that, while it isn't the only drug that is abused in schools, marijuana is the most commonly abused drug. However, it has been legalized in several states - does this mean it will be legal all over the US soon?

This was a really interesting post, especially with recent legislation in states such as Washington and California to completely legalize the use of marijuana. I have been watching CNN, MSNBC, and other big time news sources regarding this issue. It seems that people are taking stands on this issue for many different reasons. Although the legalization of marijuana will bring about increased revenue for many states who choose to do so; Washington expected revenue will pay for their entire police forces for the entire year, I think that this issue is not as black and white as people make it out to be. Marijuana is the most used drug in America, next to alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. Marijuana right now under Federal law is a Schedule IV drug, which means that it has no medical use and is under the same category as other very nasty drugs like heroin. Relating back to what I said earlier about CNN and MSNBC, many parents are worried that with the drug being legal, as long as their kids are of age they can take a trip down to the nearest strip mall, and pick up a bag of their selected bud of choice. Marijuana by definition is not the type of drug that will make one go home, beat their wife or go on a killing spree, but nonetheless it is still a mind-altering substance. I really liked the point you made about how kids do slightly worse in school and attend less if they are frequent marijuana users. This is an issue. America right now faces a number of big problems; money and education. Many states need the money that legislation for legalizing marijuana will bring in, and that is fine. I personally believe cigarettes and alcohol kill more people than marijuana does (which is scientifically and factually true, there is no debate about that) but America has a problem. Kids today are stupider. People complain about lack of jobs, a bad economy, this and that. But in truth we are turning in to a lazy society. We think we are entitled to the good job with the six-figure salary. But in truth, we must work for it. Users of marijuana, people who skip school, and this entire subculture need to reevaluate themselves and the direction their lives are taking. When that big job comes around and ask you to pee in a cup, regardless if it's legal or not, you must pass.

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