Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?


It seems that nowadays that EVERYONE has a cellphone. Even my 8 year old cousin has one and I received one when I was only 10 years old. But have you ever thought about how it could potentially affect your health? I know I have heard rumors of cellphones causing cancer so I decided to get to the bottom of this myth before something bad could happen to my loved ones or myself.

 The main problem with mobile phones is that they send out radio waves in all different directions in order for them to work. This means that even when you are talking on the phone the waves are being directed towards your head.  An article by Net Doctor explains that, "The problem is that when this happens they are absorbed into the body's tissues, and this is why some studies have indicated they may potentially increase the risk of brain cancer." This is scary to me because I know I talk on the phone a lot, but imagine people who are constantly on the phone for their jobs. Their risk is a lot more than mine.

  So all in all, do cell phones cause cancer. This is a heated debate that has been going on for a while now. Some say yes, some say no. Net Doctor also says, "The latest research, led by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark, found no evidence that the risk of brain tumours was increased by mobile phone use.

The study followed 358,403 mobile phone subscribers over an 18-year period and suggested that even those who had used a mobile phone for 13 years or more did not have an increased risk." However the long term affect it has on children who use cell phones has not been analyzed yet because cellphones are relatively new to society.

 The National Cancer Institute says that, "Studies thus far have not shown a consistent link between cell phone use and cancers of the brain, nerves, or other tissues of the head or neck. More research is needed because cell phone technology and how people use cell phones have been changing rapidly."

 With this information, we can not conclude exactly that cell phones do cause cancer. However, we should be wary of the possibilities and try to use our phones at a minimum if possible. 



Actually, smartphones do emit quite a bit of radiation. Radiation causes cancer after years of exposure. For example an iPhone emits between 0.97 W/kg and 1.5 W/kg. With that exposure after about 10 years you are more susceptible to tumors. There are some great articles out there on this topic. There is also a great case about a police officer that did traffic for most of his career. He eventually developed some sort of cancer in his thigh. It was later discovered that this was caused from his radar gun as he had a hip holster. This is why you don't see many cops with these things anymore and more white lines on the roads that I used to calculate speed.

iPhone Radiation

Radiation scale used to calculate speed. I swear I don't sit on street corners watching cars go by...

I think this is a very important issue today as well as one that could have a harsh impact in the future. Many kids our age often sleep with their cell phone on or near their bed, or sometimes under their pillow. In high school, I had a teacher that told us how harmful this was becase of the radiation it emits. Because of this, I had always believed there was a correlation between cell phone radiation and cancer, though this blog post kind of says the contrary. Like I previously said, if there ends up being proof that cell phone radiation can cause cancer, it would make me concerned for future generations because they will have grown up with this sort of technology from an even younger age than our generation. Hoever, maybe in the future, cell phone makers will have found alternate ways to provide cell phone users with adequate service while not harming any of its customers in the process. This article had a lot of good information on the topic.

This scares me as well, being that I am also an avid phone user. I have always heard about the possibilities that cancer can develop from heavy cell phone usage. I was doing some research of my own on this and found that you are not as likely to get cancer from cell phones as you are with heating objects such as microwaves and radars. Although that was good to hear, I was still shaken up at the fact that microwaves can cause cancer being that microwaves are a typical household object.

This is a really interesting topic. My mom has always told me to not use my phone too much because it can have bad results. I saw an article on CNN questioning if cellphones can increase your risk for cancer. This article states that cellphones can be in the same category as lead and chloroform. A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries, one being the United States, went through cellphone research and found enough evidence to say that cellphones can be harmful to humans. Their recommendation is to hold the phone farther away from your body and using the speakerphone function or a headset. They also recommend using cellphones in places with good service. If you use your phone in a place where you are not near a cell tower, such as an elevator or a very rural area, the phone gives off more radiation because it is searching for a cell tower. It is terrifying to think that an electronic device that so many people rely on can be harmful and not helpful. There is no proof that cellphones directly cause cancer but they can be harmful and can help cancer develop in humans more rapidly. I wonder if they are working on a way to make cellphones safer because so many people use them... Thoughts?

I understand the radio wave argument, but it seems like everyday we hear of something else that causes cancer. I'm skeptical to believe that my cellphone produces enough radiation to cause cancer. Until I am given every reason to believe it does, I will not believe and I will carry on with my life just like i live it today. You can call me a doubter, skeptic or whatever you want. I could link something that says cancer and cell phones have no correlation. However, for every post that proves it, there is another that disproves it.

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