Dinosaurs...Did they really ever leave?

One of the most fascinating dilemma that scientists have still struggled to completely solve is that of the dinosaurs.  Though there are plenty of theories on what they looked like, their lifestyles, habits, and what ultimately wiped them out that are backed by significant data, one has yet to be dubbed as the universally correct one.  Due to this, some people like to imagine these sprawling creatures and devise their own hypothesis' on what happened to the dinosaurs.  I, for one, am a believer in skeptical phenomena.  That is why I decided to give this blog a chance. Even though theories have never been proven, most people believe that dinosaurs are completely extinct.  I say nay.  What if it is possible that there are species of dinosaur still living among our world today.  Is a T-rex still roaming the earth, most likely not.  There are a few classified animals, as well as some sketchy ones which i believe may be a match.

Start with the Crocodile.  According to an article about crocodiles by Bob Strauss, "of all the reptiles alive today, crocodiles and alligators may be the least changed from their prehistoric ancestor."  The two species have been around since the "Jurassic period" of time almost 200 million years ago, when the reptiles known as the "ruling lizards" roamed the earth.  There is the evidence that there is a connection in time period as to the coexistence of dinosaurs and crocodiles.  The article later goes on to state "needless to say, the earliest dinosaurs and the earliest crocodiles resembled one another a lot more than either resembled the first pterosaurs." The article also explains how crocodiles had bipedal postures earlier in the Jurassic Period than the ones we see now, which have their shorter legs.  According to Strauss, "it was only well into the mesozoic era in which crocodiles evolved the three main traits with which they're associated today: stubby legs, sleek bodies, and marine lifestyles."  From the sounds of it, crocodiles and dinosaurs were not easily distinguishable while the two coexisted.  I say it is possible that these traits were developed in the post dinosaur era, and that the crocodile is in fact one of the dinosaurs form that era living in our modern culture.  Not to mention the fact that the spikes and green skin tone closely resemble characteristics held by previous dinosaurs.  Strauss even describes crocodiles as "the ancient cousins of dinosaurs." Other creatures which potentially fit the same bill include alligators and rhinos.  

Though in a completely different realm of evidence, there are unexplained animal sightings which once again closely resemble that of a dinosaur.  In an article by Joe Lanier of zimbio.com, he examines possible sightings of unexplained creatures.  One is of a long eel-like creature which sharp teeth, a flat head, and fins which the Japanese crew who discovered it tried to pass off as a frilled shark.  Yet, Lanier states "look at this picture(see below)...does it look like any known shark to you?"  Another is of the Lake Champlain sea monster nicknamed "champ."  Champ is a supposed snake like creature with a head that resembles that of a dinosaurs.  There are videos and photos (see below) that capture "champ," who indeed pays a close resemblance to an aquatic dinosaur from the past. 

Im not saying these creatures are dinosaurs, that would be unreasonable.  I am saying however that it is entirely possible that these species had ancestors who were dinosaurs, and therefore are still living on bearing the traits themselves.

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               2. http://www.zimbio.com/TheConspiracyZone/articles/22/THERE+LIVING+DINOSAURS+STILL+ROAMING+EARTH



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