Dark Chocolate.. Yummy and Beneficial

Most people see chocolate as being unhealthy and bad for you. Maybe that is true for white chocolate and milk chocolate but most definitely not true for dark chocolate. Although dark chocolate is not everyone's favorite, it is beneficial for ones health.


Antioxidants are known to protect your body from illness and disease. They fight off bad bacteria and keep you healthy. In this article Dr. Debra Miller says how people tend to forget where chocolate actually comes from, cocoa beans from the cocoa tree. Also in this article, it is apparent that dark chocolate, the most natural form of chocolate, is from a plant in the earth. Most plants that grow from the ground have high amounts of antioxidants to help them stay alive through conditions that they may face while they are growing.

The antioxidants found in dark chocolate are said to have "enhanced blood flow, healthy cholesterol levels and, in some cases, reduced blood pressure."

In addition to containing a lot of antioxidants, Dark chocolate holds a lot of  Theobromine which is a chemical that is related to caffeine. Although weaker than caffeine, it is still a stimulant and has relaxing effects. Unlike caffeine, Theobromine does not effect the central nervous system. This chemical can also help stop coughing and found in many cough medicines.

So the next time you are craving some chocolate, maybe you should decide on dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It will not only satisfy your craving but also help your immune system as well.


This is a very cool idea to blog about. I just did a blog the other day about nutrition and how some foods are perceived as being unhealthy, and this is the exact opposite. Chocolate has an unhealthy connotation to it because most people think of dessert. However, I am quite familiar with the beneficent nutrients in dark chocolate. For as long as I can remember, my grandma has made me eat a piece of dark chocolate after family meals because of its surprisingly healthy qualities. Does anyone else know of any healthy foods that are thought of as unhealthy?

i have always known that the best chocolate is dark chocolate, and white chocolate is probably one of the worst ones for a persons health. personally i don't like dark chocolate because it has a very strong taste. its healthy and i agree with uour post, a lot people do believe that chocolate helps regulate cholesterol, and blood pressure. I still do not think that i will eat dark chocolate any time soon, even if it has all this benefits. ill probably just eat the other types of chocolate until i cant eat them anymore and maybe then ill try eating dark chocolate.

I have heard of this before. I never knew though that it could help you stop coughing. I guess it might be good to eat some dark chocolate when you are coughing as it looks like it might stop the coughing from happening. Also i did a little looking and found out that dark chocolate can also control your blood sugar because it has "a low glycemic index, meaning it won't cause huge spikes in blood sugar levels" dark chocolate benefits.

When I choose food I always look at the calories, and almost always just the calories. I know from my nutrition class this isn't the best way to choose food but being a 19 year old girl I'm always thinking calories. I looked up the nutrition facts for Hershey's dark chocolate kisses and compared them to Hershey's Milk Chocolate kisses. For the same serving size, dark has 190 calories and milk has only 10 more with 200. The amount from fat though is the same being 100 calories. So this means that dark chocolate has more fat per serving than milk. Dark chocolate has 40% saturated fat and milk has 35%. The carbs are the same - 8% but dark has 8% more dietary fiber. So although dark is supposed to be healthier in one aspect doesn't necessarily mean it is healthier all over. Another example in science where you must look at ALL variables and not just the one that supports the desired outcome. I love milk chocolate so I am biased and will continue to choose milk over dark.

DARK - http://www.hersheys.com/kisses/products/special-dark-chocolate.aspx
MILK - http://www.hersheys.com/kisses/products/milk-chocolate.aspx

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