Cold Fusion: The Future of Energy?

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In 1989 electrochemist Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced that they had achieved cold fusion in a test tube. Unlike hot fusion which requires millions of degrees to occur, cold fusion is a nuclear reaction that occurs at or around room temperature. This is significant because cold nuclear energy would be much safer and more efficient than then our current nuclear power. In order to be considered a serious energy option cold fusion must be safe, compact, relatively pollution free,and usable in devices ranging from batteries to cars. This method could provide cheap, clean, and safe energy if it is achieved. While cold fusion is a great concept to dream about the question of its plausibility still stands in the way. 
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Fleischmann and Pons Paper  showed positive results and rejected the null hypothesis, creating an immediate media buzz with high hopes of a possible new energy source. However the high hopes soon faded as scientists called Fleischmann and Pons work into question. After numerous attempts, other experiments still failed to replicate the same results condemning Fleischmann and Pons conclusion as a fluke or experimental error. Widely dismissed in the media and scientific community the idea of cold fusion has been pushed aside and relatively untouched in the past decade. 

Nevertheless, a few rogue scientists continued their work on cold fusion and despite opposition, made astounding progress. Research at the Greek company Defkalion had remained relatively quiet until a fews days ago when they released an extensive report on their fusion system. Forbes caught on to the results and brought the issue of cold fusion back to the attention of the public in an article published less than a month ago. 

Did overly critical scientists nearly kill the next great source of energy with their own reviews and skepticism? Or, did Fleischmann and Pons pull results out of a hat like Lamark to support their own ideas and gain fame? 

Only time will tell. 

Author, Arthur C. Clarke, said "In this inconceivably enormous universe, we can never run out of energy or matter. But we can all too easily run out of brains." 

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I like the research that you have done on this topic. Personally I think that if they found something like this that could replace hot fusion, it would be proven before we would hear about it. If we could replace batteries and make them pollutant free we would already be doing it. I understand everything takes time but do you think that they are telling us everything that have found with this research or do they have hidden secrets of failure?

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