Caveman's feasting

Christmas is coming! It is the day when all the family members sit around the table and have a big dinner. Since when did we celebrate our holidays like this? There are many other options if you could think about. Cavemen could have gone to hunting to celebrate or do ritual ceremony instead of throwing a party.


Natalie Munro came across with something interesting with the caveman's party history.she and her co-authors found evidence of butchered tortoises and cattle -- in far greater numbers than you'd expect from casual snacking or even a good meal. University of Connecticut anthropologist reported on excavations at Hilazon Tachtit. The site has some traits that suggested us caveman's feast. The food was enough for about 35 people. Also, there were some other animal bones too which indicated that they lugged them to the site for a reason. Moreover, the leftover of the food were put into burial. This indicates that the consuming of the food and the burial were closely linked.


This date is also related to when funeral rituals began among cavemen. When hunter-gatherers began settling down, they needed a way to socialize with another. Before, they could leave the site but not anymore. So, it seems like they came up with a way to bond with each other through feasting. However the evidence is not enough to prove these assumptions.



There was one thing that i could not stop thinking about while reading this post. Many of us think and know that cavemen were not the most intelligent of species to walk this planet. Therefore i was surprised if they actually had and celebrated holidays and that they could keep a calendar. In todays day and age i barely know when my birthday or christmas is without constant reminders around me. With cavemen they would have had to deal with a variety of variables that could have affected how they kept a calendar. I know i continue to talk about this aspect but i think it would be very interesting to see a blog that describes how ancient cultures and cavemen kept calendars and dates for specific events.
I also think it would be very cool to see one of these cavemen holidays happen. People have been celebrating things since the beginning of time, however in all different fashions. Im sure the cavemen didn't sit around and watch football so it would be interesting to see their activities for the day

I'm a little skeptical about the conclusion Natalie Munro came to. I understand that the anthropologists found an extreme excess in food, but I can't help but wonder if the cavemen had plans to either preserve the meat in a way scientists have yet to discover. We also hear the phrase today when speaking of extreme poverty "no idea where the next meal was coming from." Well I would imagine that during the Cave Man era, they literally had no idea where and when their meal was going to come, and didn't always succeed in finding prey. Was their excess food a result of a feast? Maybe it was. But perhaps their excess food was a result of a previous famine. So, is it feast or famine?

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